Light of Destiny is an animated 2D comedy adventure film made by Walt Disney Animation Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures. The film was first planned to be released in March 4th of 2017 but decided to be released in June 28th 2018.


A young boy named Jonathan Eric (voiced by Atticus Shaffer) lived in London in 1800, but after a big disaster by an evil organization of Russian Soldiers, he has to get his connection in a whole new world known as The U.S.A where he meets a group of sarcastic but funny, intelligent, and kind hearted friends. But when an evil Russian soldier leader plans to change the country's freedom, Eric and his new band of friends will do anything to save the land of the free.

Light of Destiny: The Soundtrack

The soundtrack is divided in two parts: Original Score, and Original Songs.

Track number Song Composer Minutes
1 Prologue Danny Elfman 3:03
2 Morning in London/Russian Disaster Danny Elfman 4:11
3 The New World Danny Elfman 3:12
4 New Friends/Russian Problem Danny Elfman 5:06
5 Outdoors and Gardens/Light of Destiny appears Danny Elfman 2:11
6 The Special Wish/Russian Orbservation Danny Elfman 6:00
7 Slumber Party/The Crush Danny Elfman 4:30
8 The Big Plans Danny Elfman 1:00
9 Fourth of July Coming Up! Danny Elfman 5:00
10 Kids Mask Party/Russian Soldiers Return Danny Elfman 3:07
11 The Ruined Moment/Blamed Danny Elfman 4:56
12 Russian Kidnappers! Danny Elfman 3:13
13 Not Going Back/Light of Destiny Returns Danny Elfman 4:34
14 Stormy Rescue/Russian Lair Danny Elfman 4:30
15 Knife Fight! Danny Elfman 4:05
16 Spiegel's Death/Eric's Last Wish Danny Elfman 6:12
17 The Light's Miracle/Happy Ending Danny Elfman 6:00
18 Aftermath Danny Elfman 1:58
Track number Song Artist
1 "Homeless Heart" Jennette McCurdy
2 "Polyushka Polye" Russian Army
3 "Roar" Katy Perry
4 "Knife Fight" Lemon Demon
5 "You'll be In My Heart" Phil Collins ft. Smash Mouth
6 "Destiny" Jim Brickman
7 "Are you in or Out?" Jerry Orbach
8 "Borrow My Heart" Taylor Henderson
9 "Nightmare" Avenged Sevenfold
10 "Rise" Fireflight
11 "When We Fall" Lady Antebellum

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