These are a list of episodes on Disney's Pinocchio: The Series. Each season contains 30 episodes. A total of 90 episodes were produced spanning 3 seasons.


The all third 90 episodes are supposedly based off of every chapter of Pinocchio, The Geppetto's Workshop, and back to the Prankster's Paradise. Some episodes do really relate to the books but despite this, other episodes little relate to each other.

Season 1

01. Pinocchio's Invited / When Pinocchio & Jiminy Cricket Meets Patty

02. Pinocchio Goes to School / Pinocchio's ABC

03. Pinocchio and the Bedtime Stories / Pinocchio and the Wishing Star

04. Pinocchio Meets Mickey Mouse & Friends

05. Pinocchio's Love Love Angel

06. Pinocchio With Patty and the Puppet Princess / Pinocchio and the Secret Life

07. Pinocchio First Day of Snow / Pinocchio's Winter Vacation

08. Pinocchio's Good Day / Pinocchio Weekend's Day

09. Pinocchio and the Music Band / Pinocchio and the Puppet Dances

10. Pinocchio's Rival / Pinocchio The Heroes VS Stromboli The Villains

11. Pinocchio in the Friendship Gift / Pinocchio and the Apple Trees

12. Pinocchio And The Happy Father's Day

13. Pinocchio at the Olympic Games / Pinocchio With Patty at the Ballet

14. Pinocchio's Pet / Pinocchio and the Magic Show

15. Pinocchio at the Market Place / Pinocchio in the Simple Things

16. Pinocchio's Labor Day

17. Pinocchio and the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde / Pinocchio's Afraid of the Dark

18. Pinocchio With Jiminy Cricket in I'm No Fool / Pinocchio's Nose Grow

19. Pinocchio's Color Rainbow Adventures / Pinocchio With Pete Hide & Seek

20. Pinocchio's Halloween

21. Pinocchio and the Wild West / Pinocchio at the Square Dance

22. Pinocchio in the Sky / Pinocchio and the Black Knight

23. Pinocchio and the Autumn & Fall / Pinocchio at the Festival

24. Pinocchio at the Pleasure Island / Pinocchio and the Giant Whale

25. Pinocchio's Got No Strings / Pinocchio and the Symphony Songs

26. Pinocchio's Thanksgiving

27. Pinocchio With Patty at the Fashion Show / Pinocchio and The Show On

28. Pinocchio and The Little Mermaid / Pinocchio at the Art Museum

29. Pinocchio at the Boston / Pinocchio at the Park

30. Pinocchio's Birthday Party / Pinocchio's Favorite Things

31. Pinocchio's Christmas

Season 2

31. Pinocchio and the New Year's Eve

32. Pinocchio With Jiminy Cricket's Temptations / Pinocchio's Scrapbook

33. Pinocchio at the Exercise Class / Pinocchio at the Olympic Winter Games

34. Pinocchio at the High Mountain / Pinocchio in the Great Outdoors

35. Pinocchio With Patty Goes to African Safari / Pinocchio Superstar Baseball

36. Pinocchio's Valentine

37. Pinocchio and the Beanstalk / Pinocchio's Natural

38. Pinocchio's Big Adventure / Pinocchio and the Puppet Rhythm

39. Pinocchio at the Boys Puppet Club / Pinocchio at the Fishing Trip

40. Pinocchio's St. Patrick Day

41. Pinocchio and the Golden Coins / Pinocchio's Bird Nest

42. Pinocchio First Day of Spring / Pinocchio's Garden

43. Pinocchio and the Lonesome Ghosts / Pinocchio's Special Moves

44. Pinocchio's Easter Day

45. Pinocchio With Patty and the Puppet Girls / Pinocchio's Music Box

46. Pinocchio and the Kites / Pinocchio's Harmonica Music

47. Pinocchio and the Arabian Nights / Pinocchio's Generations

48. Pinocchio Goes to Toyland / Pinocchio and the Nutcracker

49. Pinocchio With Patty and the Mother's Day

50. Pinocchio in the Rain / Pinocchio's Feeling Day

51. Pinocchio at the Carnival / Pinocchio at the Duck's Lake

52. Pinocchio's Missing Hat / Pinocchio's Coo-Coo Clock

53. Pinocchio's Good Dreams / Pinocchio's Galaxy

54. Pinocchio in the Diamond Rings / Pinocchio and the $100,000

55. Pinocchio's Memorial Day

56. Pinocchio and the Brave Little Tailor / Pinocchio the Great

57. Pinocchio With Pete in the X Marks the Spot / Pinocchio and the Enchanted Places

58. Pinocchio at the Summer Camp Part 1.

59. Pinocchio at the Summer Camp Part 2.

60. Pinocchio's Grandparents Grand / Pinocchio's Spring Vacation

Season 3

61. Pinocchio's Summer Vacation / Pinocchio at the Beach

62. Pinocchio and the Treasure Island / Pinocchio at the England

63. Pinocchio's 4th of July

64. Pinocchio With Jiminy Cricket and the Resort / Pinocchio in Bayou of New Orleans

65. Pinocchio at the Library / Pinocchio's Diary

66. Pinocchio at the Soccter Racing / Pinocchio and the Play

67. Pinocchio's Scary Tales Camp / Pinocchio's Photo Books

68. Pinocchio at the Farmer / Pinocchio and the Laughing Place

69. Pinocchio at the Hot Air Balloons / Pinocchio With Patty at the Fantasy Castle

70. Pinocchio at the Zoo / Pinocchio at the Circus

71. Pinocchio and Friends Meets Tron / Pinocchio's Meeting Day

72. Pinocchio's Artist Drawing / Pinocchio at the Tennis Court

73. Pinocchio at the Haunted Mansion

74. Pinocchio at the 50's Dancer / Pinocchio's Golf Games

75. Pinocchio's Wonderful Words / Pinocchio's Shape and Sizes

76. Pinocchio's Day Off / Pinocchio's Test Day

77. Pinocchio With Patty and the Magic Tiara / Pinocchio's Map

78. Pinocchio in the Funnies Puppet / Pinocchio's Magical Stars

79. Pinocchio's Collection / Pinocchio and the Dream Boys

80. Pinocchio's Over the World / Pinocchio and the Amazing Twinkle

81. Pinocchio's 123 / Pinocchio's Make Mistake

82. Pinocchio's Detective Puppet / Pinocchio and the Mystery Clues

83. Pinocchio With Pete at the Jungle Adventures / Pinocchio's Fairies

84. Pinocchio's Mail Box / Pinocchio With Jiminy Cricket at the Village Ghetto Land

85. Pinocchio at the Galleries World / Pinocchio's Jump Rope

86. Pinocchio's 20th Anniversary / Pinocchio at the Vacation Spot

87. Pinocchio's Travel of the World / Pinocchio in the Small Ladybug

88. Pinocchio's Treasure Box / Pinocchio and the Knight to Remember

89. Pinocchio and the Show on the Road / Pinocchio Save the Day

90. Pinocchio and the Final Wishes

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