This is a list featuring every character in the video game Disney Rumble.

Playable Characters


Image Name Series Description
Mickey Mickey Mouse Classic Disney Shorts Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? Mickey Mouse of course! Together with his friends, Mickey goes on great adventures and encounter the most strange things; from body-stealing green brains from outer space to flying elephants!
Donald2 Donald Duck Classic Disney Shorts TBA
SuperGoof Super Goof Disney Comics Zooom! It's a bird! It's a plane! No wait, it's the spectacular Super Goof! By eating some magic peanuts, Goofy turns into a superhero! And with super strength, super speed and the fantastic ability to fly, Super Goof is a splendid fighter indeed!
MinnieMouse Minnie Mouse Classic Disney Shorts Mickey's girlfriend. Together with her cat Figaro, she currently lives in a pink house in Toon Town. She sometimes accompanies Mickey on his many adventures.
Daisy Duck Classic Disney Shorts TBA
Pluto Pluto Classic Disney Shorts TBA
Pinocchio1 Pinocchio Pinocchio Started out as a lifeless puppet, brought to life by the Blue Fairy. Goes through an adventurous journey to become a real boy.
Poppins Mary Poppins Mary Poppins TBA
Jack Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Caribbean TBA
Sora KHII Sora Kingdom Hearts


200px Mariya Mystic Sora's beautiful, fantabudelic twin sister. She may be a sweet dollface but she's a real challenge when it comes to combat!
Wreck it rachel Wreck-it Rachel Wreck-it Rachel The cutie-pie princess of Arendelle. If you make her mad, get the heck out of there!

Unlockable Characters

Image Name Series Description
Gingereena Gingereena Pixar's Gingereena Started out as a non-living Ballerina doll, then brought to life by the Blue Fairy's apprentice. This female "Pinocchio" was also given a magic hammer given by her fairy friend.
Sensei Sensei Club Penguin TBA
Huey, Dewey, Louie
Huey, Dewey, & Louie Classic Disney Shorts TBA

3rd Party Characters

Image Name Series Description
No-Face No-Face Spirited Away TBA
SamMax Sam & Max Sam & Max TBA
Tom Tom Talking Friends TBA
Chacha Cha! Cha! Rainforest Café An adventurous and very brave red eyed tree frog. Together with his friends, the Wild Pack, he protects the children of the jungle.


Image Name Series Description
Garu Garu Disney's Pucca HI-YA! Garu is a young ninja from Sooga Valley. He is always trying to avoid the girl Pucca, who has a crush on him.
Hex Hex Disney Universe An evil hacker that once tried to take over the whole Disney Universe! On constant struggle with an AI named VIC.
Wade Deadpool X-Men TBA

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