Here are the defeats of Disney Villains although some are killed

Classic Disney Villains

  • Queen Grimhilde-fell to her death by a lightning bolt after she tried to kill the 7 Dwarfs with a rock.
  • Mr. Krusty - He is kicked by Derek, ends up locked him inside a treasure chest, knocking him out cold. Later, He is presumably arrested by Mayor Finn for several crimes.
  • El Gopher - Defeated by Rocky and continues playing El Gopher in the Rocky's cartoons, but is presumably fired.
  • Greg and Lenny - Thrown by Rocky out of the studio, fired from his job and is presumably arrested for several crimes.
  • Jafar - In the first movie, he is imprisoned inside his lamp after turning into a genie, then killed in the sequel after Iago pushes his lamp into a pool of lava. Last seen being sent to underworld and trapped in the River Styxx in the TV series of Hercules.
  • Hades - Punched by Hercules into the River Styxx and is dragged by the souls in it to the bottom for eternity, but does not die as he is immortal.
  • Pookabog - picked the flower of light and got burned
  • Lord Fesus: get's hit on the head by the sword of light (who was held by Ben) and fell into the volcano lava.
  • Liza Aligera: Gets captured inside a fishing net near the Shelly-River and thrown into the water.
  • Liza's Thugs: get beaten up and tied to each other, then get thrown into a garbage truck and get taken away to the dump
  • Raptor Whong : falls off the Shredderson Mountain
  • Raptor Ding-Lang: gets bit to death in the neck by Papa Gramhulld'e
  • Papa Gramhulld'e: after reforming and helping Almund to defeat Ding-Lang, he gets beaten up to death by Raptor Whong.
  • Marion Grant: pushes into the road by Neci's dagger and runover by the horses. 
  • King Jucyhopper : Gets eaten by a panther
  • King Henry II : dies from old age
  • King Henry III : Gets tied up by all the animals who work against him together

Next Generation Disney Villains

  • Mother Gothel - Ages really fast then trips and falls out the window and turns to dust when she hits the ground.
  • King Candy/Turbo - Flies into the beacon that Ralph created, causing him to be destroyed.
  • Malhissa - Gets flashing by a powerful light, died and turning into dusts and take her away by the wind.
  • Hans - Gets imprisoned for his crimes and sent back to the Southern Isles.
  • The Duke of Weselton and his thugs - He and his thugs are sent back to Weselton with a proclamation that Arendelle will forever no longer do business with him in the trade.
  • Yokai/Robert Callaghan - Gets arrested.
  • Bellwether - Gets arrested after revealing her evil plan to Nick and Judy.
  • Tamatoa - Gets flipped upside down.
  • Te-Ka - Turns back into Te-Fiti and reformed.
  • Queen Tarantula - was turned into a baby unicorn, then ran away in fear and humiliation (Treasure Planet II), fell to her death after Alex shoved a rock that was stuck on the Temple of Wonder to prevent Scroop's sister from killing Jim (Treasure Planet III).
  • Lord Gnome - Gets eaten by giant Piranha plant.
  • Bull - Gets dragged away to Hell, along with Peg Leg Pete.
  • Antonius - Gets disarmed in the sword fight by Marsellus, and exiled to a very small island for good.
  • Prince Cassius - Gets literally thrown into the fungeon by Rachel.
  • Martha Anne - Escorted in handcuffs by Fix-it Felicity and Silver to the Fungeon.
  • Florence - Knocked out by Maya then taken to jail.
  • Winona - Shut down by Maya and Shadow.
  • Marion Grant: gets pushed into the road by Neci's dagger and runover by the horses. 
  • Mary-Lou Kimball: gets hitted on the head by Antoinette and got arrested.
  • Bill Cipher: Gets destroyed by Dipper
  • Bambina - Gagged by her own whip (now broken) by Gioia and Nuncio,  pushed to the ground and is sent to prison by her own mother
  • Anita Bradley - knocked to ground by Whirlwind with a hockey stick and beaten to death off scene by Brina and the other Predators.
  • Donna Prima:
  • Opex- Blown up by Eska's wand and is wiped from Castleton forever. His ashes are found by Ivan.

Other Animated Film Villains

Pixar Villains

  • Marissa Witchley- gets shot out of a cannon
  • Misery Twins- gets shot out of a cannon screaming with Marissa
  • Juliette Hedley - locked in her own private heilicopter by her own Little Blue Science Comittee award by Francesca and dies when the falling heilicopter crashes into the train
  • Regina Cordova - get knocked in the head by Marsha and later is sent to jail
  • Coal Bricks - Had his plane destroyed by Darva's bullet and was killed from his fatal fall from the sky.
  • Sid Phillips- Spooked by Woody and the mutant toys, but reappears as a garbage man in Toy Story 3.
  • Waternoose - gets arrested by the CDA (Monsters Inc.)
  • Syndrome - Knocked into a jet propeller due to his cape.
  • Charles F. Muntz - Jumps off Carl's floating house when his leg gets caught by a bunch of balloons, he falls down to Earth and dies.
  • Fern and Dansby Peterson - strucked by Salome, who sends them and their car crushed upside down.
  • Dragon - Beheaded by Brooke.
  • Man-Eating Monster - Impaled and pierced in the stomach by Brooke.
  • Ora Wyatt

Sequel Villains

  • Abis Mal - Abis Mal was still hanging on the tree hours after the battle, apparently upset not only over the loss of Jafar but also his opportunity of his third wish.
  • Forte - The Beast destroys his keys; this effectively 'kills' Forte and he crashes to the ground, destroyed.

DreamWorks Villains

Marvel Villains

Live-Action Villains

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