A List of Episodes of Glow Green Giants .

Season 1

Episode Name Episode Plot
Time to Grow Mr. Hollywood, The Mingler, Two-Face & Mover & Shaker are doing the same thing working at Wetropolis park (near The Mad Doctor's Neclear Waste Inc.) One day one huge mistake that The Mad Doctor done that he found all the spirts of the monster from diffrent planets and somehow been released which magically made the four workers grow massive (which however there was a group who stop the monsters) and now they must fight the monster who are controling peoples.
Tonster Tash A grovehug monster sprit that now controls Webby's doll and other thinks it missing and now a giant doll rampages Wetropolis can The Glow Green Giants save the day.
Gosalyn's Spider Gosalyn's pet spider gets turn into a one of the sprits (A Rencon). The Mad Doctor meets Magica de spell and Mover & Shaker is capture.
Goofy's Greedway Twas the night before Christmas. All the Toons and Cogs were asleep in their beds, but one was out so late. It was Mr. Hollywood, and he was out getting Christmas presents. Mr. Hollywood had been too busy thinking about himself, and not thinking about others.
Darkwing Sprit Gosalyn's dad Darkwing Duck is hit by a Jansy sprit and discover Darkwing Ducks old rival Quackerjack done this. But The Glow Green Giants must off of Darkwing ducks old rival.
Dreams become Small A SwitchShrink Sprit hatches expoles clouds which switch Two-Faces size to bigtime beagle. Which mean he gets hard to fight in normal size
Magic in Wonderland

a Nagic Magic spirt breaks out of . But The Glow Green Giants must stop her from stealing their nightmares.


A Super Dare Spirt attacks the bike races and only the giants can stop him

The Glob A Slopsh (who isn't a spirt) came from space. Magica De Spell, Quakerjack & Liquidator release to devour The Glow Green Giants. But goes outta control when it devours everyone and its up the them to sort this out.
Came from Bottom Bottom of the Sea Going on a nice trip in Under Water Center. The Liquidator release an Inktress that head to an octopus and start get out from the sea. The Glow Green Giants gets front row by turning into an octopuses too.
Stuff-Full an greedhug (father with grovehug) hits Morty and Ferdie's favourite chef Boris so he can fatten up The Glow Green Giants and can't fight they now under greedhug's control. But grovehug tries to stop her father from making them bigger and bigger.
Were-Giant When an horrible were-duck nearly kills Two-Face. When every full moon he turns into a were-duck. While Two-Face is on rampage The Giants gets Nagic Magic to help.
Liquid See Liquid Don't The New Fearsome Three released the semi final sprit Rina. She hypnotises Liquidator to entertain will she entertain the giants? Hope not.
Trained Giants searches their final spirt FloRose and FloRose tries to turn everyone into plants. But Once they got all 12 sprits they quest isn't over yet it just started.
Team Fair

When Quackerjack has nothing in plan with The New Fearsome Three. His teams up with his brother and his sister Boxey and Jing. When the fair comes to Wetropolis The Mingler and Mover & Shaker takes Gosalyn and Ferdie to the fair. QuakerJack, Boxey and Jing invades the fair to take revenge to the giants.

The Hein-Da After forgoting one spirt a giant sprit name Hein-Da appeared and set on a rampage though Wetropolis But The Giants has to stopped him before it runs amok.
Truth or Never! After facing Down Hein-Da Two-Face quits to the team and force to team up with The New Fearsome Three. But all of there Darkwing's old rival Bushroot takes over Two-Face and ruling the world.
For Life and Murder After Bushroot takes over half the world. The Giants heads back to Wetropolis to asked for The Mad Doctor and borrrow the time mechine to send Mr. Hollywood back in time.
Foilling the Plan Pt.1 Two-Face banishes The New Fearsome Three in the dungeons and tries to escape. Gosalyn and her friends tries to put Darkwing back together again and fight Bushroot.
Foilling The Plan Pt.2 Mad Doctor and The Giants gets thrown into the Dungeons and tries to escape is well but Mr. Hollywood came to break them out and tells them how he came here without waiting. He uses one of Darkwings freeze ray to frozes himself and waited to Bushroot attack. The Other fights back. Two-Face fights down Bushroot using a new power after knowing that he really wants his friends back again and morphing powers changes into fire and ice which destoring Bushroot's castle and Bushroot rans off with The New Fearsome Three (now The New Fearsome Four) changing everything back to normal.

Season 2

The Brand New Task After facing down Bushroot and his minions. The Giants discover some Crystals that are somewhere around the world that has magical power inside. But all of those hard work. The Giants has a new ablity they can also become bigger and stronger (Megatess forms). They first seach the Wind Crystal.
Vandels! The Giants must use their Megatess forms for good and only use them to fight down ememies and their rivals. When their next cystal is reveal an Number Cruncher teams up with the mad doctor to hunt down the stop movement cyrstal.
Morphing The Beagle Boys helps Number Cruncher to destoryed the glow green giants. The Giants hunts for the Morphing Cystal. It was used to be Two-Faces old power.
Great Flow Liquidnator wants to flood the city and make it his own swimming pool, and The Little Mermaid makes a cameo!
Pink Sprits Grovehug, Nagic Magic and Rina teams up and find a Rainbow crystal so they make everything in the world pink. But will the giants stop them.
The Laughing

After Mover and Shaker saves an family from a hill crash. Mover and shaker took them to Wetropolis and stay there until the car fixs. Mover and Shaker is scared of clowns when he heard theres a fair parade. The mad doctor use a mechince that can Turn everyone into clowns. The 3 Giants becomes one of them and Mover and Shaker freaks out.

Glow Blue Giants 4 Lawbots (Back Stabber, Spin Doctor, Legal Eagal and Big Wig) found the mixture and grow huge as the glow green giants somehow they have the same powers as the group and somehow glow blue
Mini Glow Green Giants Cold Caller, Telemarketer, Name Dropper and Glad Hander wonders how the other sellbots (Glow Green Giants) became huge but when the Mingler and Mover and Shaker gets kidnapped They offer the mad doctor make a mixture that can make them huge.

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