List of episodes

Season 1

  1. How It All Began - Jake and Haley goes on a new adventure.
  2. Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Still Here - When Jake is gone, Haley is babysitted by Kathleen Harmon, a babysitter who babysits kids.
  3. Got To Be Better Teenage Friends - Jake befriends a babysitter named Kathleen, a girl named Rose, and also Trixie and Spud.
  4. A Sorceress' Amulet Brings Life - Haley is encountered by a beautiful woman named Endora who is revealed to be a witch after using an amulet to have random magical powers.
  5. Bake-a-Bake-a-Bakery! - Kathleen's mother opens up a bakery.
  6. Roses and Violets - Rose befriends Violet, who is a poet and can be way too obsessive. Meanwhile, Jake meets Danika Hunnicutt.
  7. The Missing Peanut Butter - Jake finds out that the peanut butter has disappeared.
  8. Along Came a Spider...And Her Name's Veronica! - Veronica, a spidergirl visits Violet and Veronica.
  9. The Trick's the Treat - Kathleen takes Haley and Jake to go trick-or-treating by learning safety rules that's because they have to go or else.
  10. Three Cheers for Good and Evil - Veronica joins a cheerleading team along with Stacey and Kathleen, and Lacey and Tracey wanted to join.
  11. Witching Hour - Endora puts a spell on Veronica and now she's Endora's! And it's up to Kathleen to learn the true meaning of magic.
  12. Last of the Oracle Twins - Kathleen befriends the Oracle twins.
  13. A Very Jake and Haley Thanksgiving - TBA
  14. Lost in the Storm - Jake and his friends, Rose, Violet, Kathleen and Veronica are trapped in a storm.
  15. When They're Sleepin', I'll Be Creepin' - Rose, Violet, Kathleen, Veronica, and Trixie throw a sleepover party.
  16. Don't Steal the Biscuits! - Jake and Rose want to have the perfect biscuits for Veornica and Kathleen.
  17. Dragon Christmas
  18. Veronica Runs Away

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Season 2

Season 3

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