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These are a list of episodes on Lion King: Adventures of Simba.

Season 1 (1999)

# Title Airdate
1 A Tale of Two Brothers/Nala's Dare June 4, 1999
2 Vulture Shock/A Snake In The Grass June 11, 1999
3 Follow the Leader/How True, Zazu June 18, 1999
4 A Heroic Dirty Cub/Simba's New Brother July 12, 1999
5 The Family Tree/A False Ancestor July 13, 1999
6 At the Last Second/An Unusual Choir July 14, 1999
7 A Visit From Afar/Save Nala July 15, 1999
8 The Orphaned Birds/Trouble in Paradise July 16, 1999
9 A Kinglike Hair-do/Simba and the Snake August 7, 1999
10 ROAAAR/The Disguised Zebra August 14, 1999
11 A Royal Fib/A Girlfriend for Zazu August 21, 1999
12 One Meerkat Too Many/Rafiki's Cousin August 27, 1999
13 A Cowardly Lion/Friends Again August 27, 1999

Season 2: 1999-2000

# Title Airdate
14 On His Own Four Paws/The Best Sitter
15 Rescuers in Need/The Flying Lion
16 The Birthday Present/A Dangerous Desert
17 A Great Team/ Dry Season
18 Mokele Mbembe/Simba Runs Away from Home
19 Dream Child/Completely Safe
20 The Gigantic Eagle/The Shooting Star
21 The Talking Tree/The Crocobuffalion
22 Eat or be Eaten/Simba Learns a Lesson
23 Monkey Magic/Small Giants
24 From Shadow to Shadow/Home, Sweet...Friend
25 The Landslide King/Go Fish!
26 Simba and the Sad Elephant/Royal Duties

Season 3: 2000

# Title Airdate
27 Good Advice is Hard to Find/The Journey
28 Two Singers on Tour/Dreams
29 Just Lion Around/Cooking Clash
30 Hakuna Matata/Lulu
31 Finding Food/The Cheeky Bird
32 Elephant Walk/Tarzan-Timon
33 Greedy is as Greedy Does/Love Struck
34 You're Never Too Young To Learn!/In the Fur of Another
35 Hip Hats/No Swing!
36 Wake Up/Fun for the Large
37 Slime Okay, You're Okay/The White Stuff
38 This Chore's a Bore/Pumbaa's Sadness
39 Something in the Air/The Funny Monkey (series finale)

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