This is a list of characters from Luck of the Irish

The White Family

Dove Cameron as Megaera White, an optimistic, lucky and outgoing Irish teenager who has the Luck of the Irish. The main protagonist.

Billy Connolly as Mr. White, Megaera's father with a thick Irish accent

Ann Sonneville as Mrs. White, Megaera's pregnant mother

Ariel Winter as Cassidy White, Megaera's 7 year old younger sister who has an obsession with leprechauns.

Rob Paulson as Charm McTatoes, the White's family leprechaun and close friend. Cassidy has a secret crush on him.

Supporting Characters

Alyson Stoner as Yori Yumako, a shy, introverted, artistic, short, and quiet best friend of Megaera's who comes from Asian decent.

Greg Cipes as Casey Rodriguez, a happy go lucky Hispanic student and a friend of Megaera's.

Shaun White as Cole Rodriguez, Casey's nervous and smart twin brother who has a crush on Megaera.

Josh Sussman as Axel, the friendly, intelligent nerd and one of Casey and Cole's friend.

Jeff Bennett as Gemini Stevens, a bashful, benevolent, and shy boy and friend of Casey and Cole. When a girl flirts with him, he gets blushy and sometimes hides his face.

Tara Strong as Harley Peterson, a tomboy and Meg's childhood friend who attends Little Town in season 2.

G. Hannelius as Briarly Peterson, Harley's younger sister

Jeff Garcia as Horatio Cruz, a cocky hall monitor of Little Town High School and a major character in season 2. He and Harley don't get along well, but he secretly likes and cares about her.


John DiMaggio as Thor, the school bully and one of the main antagonists of the series.

Selah Victor as Monica, one of the mean, snobby girls at school. She also appears to be rich, spoiled, and childish.

Julie Brown as Cassandra, the boy magnet who is every boy's object of affection. She is also vain and spoiled.

George Grant as Josh, the teen hearthrob, school jock, and Monica's boyfriend. Another one of the main antagonists of the series.

Kevin Michael Richardson as Darkluckly, the leader of the bad luck spirits and the main antagonist of season 3 onward.


Carol Lawrence as Mazy, the first cheerleader at Little Town

Isabella Acres as Maggie, the second cheerleader at Little Town

Diamond White as Milly, the third cheerleader at Little Town

Katie Soucie as Mandy, the fourth cheerleader at Little Town

Tress MacNeille as Molly, the fifth cheerleader at Little Town

Jess Harnell as Vic, the football star and muscled softie. Mazy's boyfriend

Jeff Bennett as Russell, a student on the football team. Maggie's boyfriend

Cam Clarke as Carlos, a student on the football team. Milly's boyfriend

Kyle Massey, Mitch, a student on the football team. Mandy's boyfriend

Nate Torrence, Mike, a student on the football team. Molly's boyfriend

Grey Griffin as Lola, a southern classmate of Meg's

Rob Paulson as Alphonso, a french classmate of Meg's.

Dee Bradley Baker as Nico and Rico, two creepy siamese twins with cat eyes who wear hoodies and tell creepy proverbs. Nico wears a dark red hoodie and Rico wears a dark blue hoodie

"Weird Al" Yankovic as Miles, a ditzy classmate

Eden Sher as Riley, Miles's spunky twin sister and best friend

Lauren Tom as May, a bossy chinese play instructor and Axel's later love interest.

Minor Characters

Joshua Rush as Simon, a bully from Cassidy's school

Dana Snyder as Malcolm Peterson, Harley's father

Pamela Adlon as Maya Peterson, Harley's mother

Gwendoline Yeo as Thai Yumaka, Yori's mother

Maurice LaMarche as Cain Yumaka, Yori's father

Alan Tudyk as Ferdinand Musica, Callie's father

Edie McClurg as Isabella Musica, Callie's mother

Candi Milo as Bridgette, the Peterson family leprechaun and Charm's brief love interest

Debi Derryberry as Noel, Cassidy's best friend


Tom Kenny as Principle Stephano

William Reiss as Mr. Whiteworld, the math teacher

Jenny Slate as Miss Tress, the science teacher

Richard Simmons as Mr. Dominic, the English teacher

Keith Ferguson as Coach Spleen

Steve Little as Mr. Louie, the school counselor

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