This is a list of Luck of the Irish episodes

Season 1

Title # Description
The Big Move 1 15 year old Megaera White and her family make a big decision on moving to Rhode Island, America for Meg’s high school year, while Meg discovers herself that she has the Luck of the Irish.
Fruity Fool Fever 2a Meg discovers this new addicting video game, Fruity Fool
Hearts and Lungs Forever 2b Meg helps Yori when the boy magnet, Cassandra, flirts with Gemini Stevens, Yori’s crush
Moodle Madness 3a When Cassidy loses her 8-bit “Moodle” game, Meg helps her find it
Wreck Center 3b When Casey and Cole’s favorite teen rec center is being torn down, they get Meg and Yori’s help to save it.
Midnight on Cole's Street 4a Cole decides to tell Meg and Yori about the creepy urban legend on his and Casey’s street
Operation: Sleepover 4b When Callie and Yori have trouble getting along, Meg decides to host a sleepover to bring them closer together.
Picture Perfect 5a It’s picture day at Little Town High, but one of Meg’s friends suffer from camera shyness
Cool or Cruel? 5b Callie falls in love with the coolest guy in school, but Meg starts feeling skeptic about him, while Casey’s jealousy boils over.
The Lucky Pumpkin 6a When the White’s go pumpkin looking for the Fall Festival, Cassidy tries to find the greatest pumpkin there is
Corn-fusing 6b During the events of “The Lucky Pumpkin”, Megaera and her friends venture into a corn maze, but the way out is a lot trickier than the way in.
Trick or...Trick? 7a When Meg and her friends go trick or treating for Halloween, they discover something that will change their Halloween forever
My Man with Fangs 7b Callie starts to obsess with vampires, which brings Casey a new idea
What a Leprechaun Wants 8a To replace her so-called “Kiddie project”, Cassidy tries to find a better birthday present for Charm by throwing his surprise party by herself
Skating Spree 8b Charm takes Meg and Cassidy ice skating, but faces something out of schedule.
Tuffy Love 9a Meg tries to save her favorite childhood teddy bear, Tuffy, from being sold at their family yard sale
Homecoming Mess 9b Meg helps Callie compete with Cassandra for the title of Homecoming Queen
Rodeo Showdown 10a During the field trip to a dude ranch, Meg is challenged to compete in a rodeo
Counselor on Strike 10b When the counselor, Mr. Louie, gets his feelings hurt, Meg and her friends have to find a way to convince him to take back his job
Unconditional 11a The Whites take a trip to a live XDY concert, while Cassidy tries to find a way to be with Charm alone
The Chill Leprechaun 11b After having treatment for stress, Charm goes full peaceful, but needs to be changed back when trouble strikes the Whites
Lucks of Love 12 When a new Irish family moves in the Whites’ neighborhood, Charm falls in love with their family leprechaun, Bridgette. But, as their relationship gets deeper, Charm starts to worry about Cassidy’s emotional crisis.
Cassidy Ran Away! Part 1 13 Picking up after the events of “Lucks of Love”, Cassidy runs away after losing Charm, only to find that her journey had only just begun.
Cassidy Ran Away! Part 2 14 When the Ice King threatens to enter the Real World, Cassidy must band with her new friends to stop him.

Season 2

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