The First Picture of Cars 3, The New Lightning McQueen

Fanon movie toys by Mattel, Inc.

Space Jam toys

for boys

Slamin' Monstar

Slicin' Mickey

Jammin' Michael

for girls

Ariel(in Polly Pocket form she was today complete with MagiClip)

Minnie(also in Polly Pocket form)

Cinderella(also in Polly Pocket form she was today)

Tiana(also in Polly Pocket form)

The Princess and the Pea toys

Star Lights Moria Fairlow fashion doll(sings "Desire, Shelter and Possibly Love")

Launchester Castle set(with MagiClip and in style of today's Polly Pocket sets.)

True Love Lies Within Gift Set(which include Moria and her prince.)

Cars 3 The World Grand Prix 2 toys

Sally's World for girls

A London Wedding(comes with Sally and Lightning)

Singing Sally(sings "I'm Your Angel")

Action heroes for boys

Chatterin' Tom(talks and chatter)

Monsters, Inc 2 toys

Stylin' Boo fashion doll

Polly Pocket set

Disney Princess Classics 2014 toys

2014 Cinderella doll(Cinderella)

2014 Merida doll(Brave)

2014 Snow White doll(Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)

2014 Rapunzel doll(Tangled)

2014 Anna doll(Frozen)

2014 Jasmine doll(Aladdin)

2014 Belle doll(Beauty and the Beast)

2014 Ariel doll(The Little Mermaid)

2014 Tiana doll(The Princess and the Frog)

2014 Aurora doll(Sleeping Beauty)

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