These are a list of episodes on The Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Adventures.

Series overview

Season Episodes Originally aired United States
Season premiere Season finale
1 21 June 1, 2012 June 29, 2012
2 46  June 30, 2012 February 1, 2013
3 40 April 10, 2013 TBA 2014
4 30 TBA 2014 TBA 2015

Season 1 (2012)

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Pilot The Looney Tunes become mother/father figures to the Disney characters (such as Bugs becoming a father figure to Mickey, Bobby and Pluto, Daffy becoming a father figure to Donald and Donny, etc.). Note: This is the first episode that does not have a title card. Series preview; June 1, 2012
2 The Funny Joke Mickey tries to get Bugs to laugh, because he doesn't get the jokes. Note: A clip from the cartoon Babysitters is shown. Series premiere; June 10, 2012
3 Mickey's Computer Mickey buys a computer from the Computer Place, so he can play his computer games, but he doesn't know how to hook it up, so he asks Bugs for help. June 11, 2012
4 Bugs' Birthday Party Mickey and his friends plans a birthday party for Bugs, while he's out with Pluto. June 12, 2012
5 Mickey's Snack Party Mickey and Bugs find some snacks for their snack party. Note: Mickey and Bugs founded some Nabisco, General Mills, Pillsbury, Little Debbie and Kellogg's products. Also, outside the US, the Nabisco, General Mills, Pillsbury, Little Debbie and Kellogg's products are replaced by general products, and they also dubbed the characters from mentioning the products to the general products. June 13, 2012
6 The Treehouse Mickey builds up a treehouse, and callls it "Mickey's Treehouse Club". June 14, 2012
7 The Carnival Bugs takes Mickey and Donad to the carnival. June 15, 2012
8 Mickey's Plane Mickey and Donald builds an airplane to impress Bugs and Daffy. Note: Clips from the cartoon Plane Crazy are shown. June 16, 2012
9 Mickey's New Cartoon Mickey makes a new cartoon "Mickey's Job", but he still thinks something is missing. June 17, 2012
10 Mickey and Donald Goes to the Library Mickey and Donald goes to the library, to find their favorite book "The Sorcerer's Apprentice", until they compete to get that book. June 18, 2012
11 The Report Mickey has to write a report for school. June 19, 2012
12 The Sleepover Mickey invites Donald to his sleepover party. June 20, 2012
13 Mickey and Bugs' Rivals Mickey's rival Mortimer and Bugs' rival Elmer returns. June 21, 2012
14 The Bad Lucks Mickey and Donald get bad lucks, as Bugs and Daffy try to stop their bad lucks. June 22, 2012
15 Kermit Visits Kermit the Frog visits Mickey and Bugs. June 23, 2012
16 Mickey in Black-and-White World Mickey and Donald accidentally went down on the wrong slide and ended up in black-and-white world. June 24, 2012
17 The Bad Word Mickey has learned a bad word, after he heard the garbage man exclaiming about stabbing his toe, and Bugs tells Mickey not to say the word. Note: This episode got banned due to an infamous profanity, however, this can be still seen outside the US. Also, this episode was rated Y7 for Mickey swearing and is suitable for people 7 and up or below. June 25, 2012
18 The Shot Bugs takes Mickey and Donald to the doctor to get a shot, but they refuse. June 26, 2012
19 Mickey and Donald's Song Mickey and Donald made up a new song together, and wants to sing it to the members, but gets stage fright. June 27, 2012
20 Wummer! Bobby and Donny makes a winter wonderland in summer. Note: This episode was copied from the Phineas and Ferb episode "S'Winter". June 28, 2012
21 The Great Mickey Mickey does magic tricks, and Donald is his assistant. Note: This is the final Season 1 episode. June 29, 2012

Season 2 (2012-2013)

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
22 Mickey's Birthday Mickey can't wait to go the "Fun Zone", but it was storming a blizzard out there, so Bugs decides to have his birthday at the house. June 30, 2012
23 Mickey and the Coachman Bugs becomes Mickey's new coach. July 3, 2012
24 Mickey's Art Mickey paints a painting of Walt Disney, but Bobby ruined the painting after Mickey bumps into him and knocks his food on the painting. July 9, 2012
25 Mickey's Tooth Mickey tries to get rid of his loose tooth, when everyone has their loose tooth out, but him. July 15, 2012
26 Mickey's Sick Dog Pluto gets sick after eating pancakes, candy, gum, pepporoni (from Mickey's pizza) and Bobby's hot dog, and has to go to the vet. July 19, 2012
27 Pluto's Seal Pluto wants to adopt Salty the Seal, but Bugs won't allow it. July 20, 2012
28 Train Trip Bugs takes Mickey, Donald, Bobby and Donny to the National Park Zone, so Mickey can do his oral report at there. August 6, 2012
29 The Missing Clothes Mickey couldn't find his pants and shoes, and he ended up being in his underwear. August 10, 2012
30 At Jail! Mickey and Donald goes to jail, after Mortimer, Elmer, Pete and Sam tricks them into breaking into a jewelry store and stealing jewels. August 19, 2012
31 The Wand When Mickey and Donald founded a plastic wand in the cereal box, Daffy thinks it's real, and made a whole bunch of fake wishes. Note: This is the first episode in which Bugs did not appear in. August 25, 2012
32 The Return of the Three Caballeros The revival of the Three Cabellors is starting tommorrow, but Donald refuses, because he, Jose and Panchito "broke up" years ago, so Mickey tries to get them back together. Note: This is the second episode in which Bugs did not appear in. August 31, 2012
32 The Return of the Three Caballeros The revival of the Three Cabellors is starting tommorrow, but Donald refuses, because he, Jose and Panchito "broke up" years ago, so Mickey and Bugs try to get them back together. August 31, 2012
33 Mickey and the Foogles There is a new toy called "Foogles", in which everybody got obsessed with it but Mickey. Since the Foogles drived Mickey crazy, he wanted one. August 31, 2012
34 Mickey the Pinball Boy Bugs buys a pinball machine for Mickey, which he got obsessed with. Note: This is a similar premise to the cartoon "Pinball Mickey". August 31, 2012
35 Locked in the Library! Mickey and Donald gets locked inside the library, while doing a report. August 31, 2012
36 The Picnic Bugs takes Mickey, Donald, Bobby, Donny, Pluto and Salty on a picnic. August 31, 2012
37 Superduck! Donald takes Mickey to the Walt Disney Studios and tries to get the director to get Donald on "The Adventures of Superduck", and gives a screen test. September 7, 2012
38 Skating Date Mickey and Donald goes to the Skating Rink and goes on a date with Minnie and Daisy. Meanwhile, Bugs gets stuck going on a date with Lola. September 8, 2012
39 To Wackyland! Mickey, Bugs, Donald, Bobby, Donny, Pluto and Salty gets stuck on a land called "Wackyland", and Yoyo Dodo starts driving them crazy. September 14, 2012
40 Pizza Fun House Bugs and Daffy takes Mickey, Donald, Bobby and Donny to Pizza Fun House. Note: Pizza Fun House is a parody of Chuck E. Cheese's. September 14, 2012
41 Mickey's Tonsils Bugs takes Mickey to the hospital to get tonsils removed. September 14, 2012
42 The Big Race Bugs and Daffy signs Mickey and Donald up for a big race. September 14, 2012
43 Pluto and Bruno Mickey and Bugs pays a visit at Bosko's house, and Pluto meets Bosko's pet dog, Bruno. September 14, 2012
44 Donald's New Game Donald makes up a new game, and teaches Mickey about it. September 14, 2012
45 Mickey the Bedwetter After Mickey accidentally wets up his bed, and Bugs' bed, Bugs takes Mickey to a place where they teach kids to stop wetting up beds. September 14, 2012
46 The Egg Mickey, Donald, Bobby and Donny finds an egg, and tries to take care of the egg, but fights over it. September 14, 2012
47 Too Much Junk Food! Bugs is concerned, that Mickey was eating too much junk food, so he takes him to the dentist, to see if he doesn't have cavities. September 16, 2012
48 Pogo-Stick Crazy! Mickey buys a pogo-stick from a toy store that resembles "Toy "R" Us". September 16, 2012
49 Mickey's Big Punch After Bobby breaks Mickey's airplane model, Mickey gets so mad that he punches him. When Mickey punched Bobby, he gets punished, because Bugs tells him that punching a brother is "Brother Abuse". Note: This episode got banned due to a brother abuse, however, this can be still seen outside the US. Also, this episode was rated Y7 for Mickey punching Bobby. September 16, 2012
50 Mickey and the Alien Mickey meets an alien version of him, and decides to take places with the alien Mickey. September 16, 2012
51 The Campout Mickey and Donald invites Minnie and Daisy over for the campout at Mickey's house, but the campout turns into a disaster, but gets worse when it started to rain and a tornado comes by. September 16, 2012
52 Pluto's Imaginary Friend Pluto makes a new imaginary friend, in which it annoys Bugs, so he talks to him about real and imaginary friends, but doesn't understand. September 17, 2012
53 Pizza Party! Mickey and Bugs invites their friends over for a pizza party, but they couldn't wait for the pizza to be finished. September 17, 2012
54 Good Bye, Best Friend! Donald and Donny moves away from Toontown to California. At the end, they move back to Toontown. September 17, 2012
55 Mickey's New Clothes Mickey buys some new shorts and shoes after they shrunk in the laundry machine. September 17, 2012
56 The Longboard Mickey begs Bugs to buy him a longboard so he can skateboard with Donald together. September 17, 2012
57 Mickey the Mailman Mickey and Donald plays as the mailman, after they found out the mailman's sick. September 17, 2012
58 The National Skateboard Race Mickey and Donald signs up for the "National Skateboard Race". September 17, 2012
59 Donald's Lost Teddy Donald lost his good luck teddy bear, so Mickey and Bugs are on the case to find his teddy bear. September 25, 2012
60 It Came from Next Door After Mickey, Donald, Bobby and Donny threw their balls over the next time, they try to get them, but gets frightened by the neighbor. October 16, 2012
61 The Halloween Party Bugs makes a Halloween party, while Mickey and the gang goes trick-or-treating. October 16, 2012
62 Mickey, Donald and the Frog Mickey and Donald finds Michigan J. Frog, a frog who can sing, and tries to prove that he can sing, but they don't believe them and Michigan only sings when Mickey and Donald are around. November 1, 2012
63 A Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Thanksgiving Mickey and Bugs prepares for Thanksgiving, and invite their freinds over, until later, the Thanksgiving dinner go haywire. November 20, 2012
64 Donald's Science Project Donald forgot all about his science project while hanging with Mickey, so he gets help from Mickey and Bugs to re-create his science project. December 13, 2012
65 A Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Christmas Mickey and Bugs prepares for Christmas, and invite their friends for a Christmas party. Meanwhile, Bobby and Donny write a letter for Santa Claus. Note: This was originally gonna be titled "The Christmas Party". December 20, 2012
66 Mickey's New Year's Eve Minnie and Lola throw a New Year's party and invite Mickey, Bobby, Pluto, Salty, Donald, Donny, Daisy, Laura and the others for the party. December 31, 2012
67 Mickey's Valentine Valentine's is coming, Mickey, Bobby, Donald and Donny all make Valentine cards for Minnie, Marcie, Daisy and Laura. Note: This is the final Season 2 episode. February 1, 2013

Season 3 (2013-2014)

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
68 Baby Troubles Mickey, Donald, Bobby and Donny are turned to babies by the turn-to-baby machine by Pete, as Bugs and Daffy try to find a formula to turn back to big kids. Note: This is the first Season 3 episode. April 10, 2013
69 Mickey and Donald Runs Away Mickey and Donald decide to run away to the woods, after Bugs and Daffy scold them. Note: This is the first TV special. April 27, 2013
70 Bobby's Train Bugs buys Bobby a toy train, but later his toy train is missing, as Mickey and Donald as detectives helps him find the train. May 15, 2013
71 A Trip to the Future Mickey, Bobby, Donald and Donny messes around with the Bugs' time machine and accidentally got sent to the future. May 20, 2013
72 Bobby's Double Scooter After Bobby becomes jealous of Mickey's longboard, he gets a double scooter, so he and Donny can ride on it together. Later, Mickey challenges Bobby to a race. May 23, 2013
73 The Film Mickey makes a movie starring Bobby, Pluto, Salty, Donald, Donny, Minnie, Marcy, Daisy and Laura, but after putting embarrassing stuffs on the movie, his friends except Bobby, Pluto, Salty, Donald, Donny and Minnie are outraged. So, Mickey tries to make a new movie. May 25, 2013
74 No More TV! After Bugs think that Mickey, Bobby, Pluto and Salty are having too much time with TV, he takes the TVs and got Daffy, Lola and Melissa to take away the TVs, so Mickey, Bobby, Pluto, Salty, Donald, Donny, Minnie, Marcy, Daisy and Laura start to do something dare-devilish to scare Bugs into bringing back TV. June 1, 2013
75 Snakes in the House Bobby and Donny accidentally brings home a bunch of snakes. June 20, 2013
76 Mickey's Messy Room Bugs is fed up with Mickey's messy room, so he tries to find some forces to clean up his room. June 30, 2013
77 Mickey's Computer Disaster Mickey gets a new computer game from Max, and the next day when Mickey and Donald accidentally break it, they go to drastic measures to fix it. July 15, 2013

Season 4 (2014-2015)

A fourth season has been announced. It will premiere sometime in 2014 and it will consist of 30 episodes.


In some episodes, the show has many errors (for example, Bugs' whiskers are missing).

  • In Pilot, Mickey's face turns white, and Bugs' whiskers are missing.
  • In The Treehouse, Mickey had eyebrows for a split second, Donald's bowtie turns black (as he wears in the classic shorts) and Bugs' whiskers are missing.
  • In Mickey and Donald Goes to the Library, Mickey's tail disappears for a split second.
  • In The Sleepover, Mickey's face turns white, Donald's missing his bowtie and hat, Bobby's tail disappears for a split second and Bugs' whiskers are missing.
  • In Kermit Visits, Mickey's buttons on his red pants disappears for a split second, his shoes turns brown and Bugs' whiskers are missing.
  • In Mickey in Black-and-White World, Mickey was shown in his original dot-eyes for a split second, and Donald's bill is missing.
  • In Mickey and the Coachman, Mickey had eyebrows for a split second, and Bugs' whiskers are missing.
  • In Mickey's Art, Mickey's buttons on his pants turns yellow, his face turns white and Bobby's tail is missing.
  • In Pluto's Seal, Pluto's collar turns red (as he wears in the classic shorts) and Bugs' whiskers are missing.
  • In At Jail!, Donald's bowtie and hat are missing, and Mickey's shoes turns brown.

Unscheduled episodes

you can add more future episodes if you want.

List of Title Cards

Note: Some of these title cards can be the same as the Arthur title cards.

Bugs, Donald, Daffy, Goofy, Minnie and Daisy can be heard saying the name of the title card, or sometimes not at all.

Mickey Underwater

Similar to Arthur Underwater. The center circle (from the The Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Adventures intro) is full of water. We see fish swim by, followed by Pluto, followed by Mickey (who is seen is his underwear). He says "Hi!", "Hey!" or "Hello!" but sometimes he says something else like "Wow!" Sonar noises are audible in the background.

Episodes used

Mickey Takes Pluto for a Walk

There is a city set inside the circle. We see Mickey taking Pluto for a walk, until suddenly a cat walks by and Pluto starts chasing after. However, Pluto and the cat jumps from circle dragging Mickey shouting out, "Hey! Pluto, heel! Heel!"

Episodes used

Donald Makes Sounds

Similar to Buster Makes Sounds. Donald walks into the circle and roars (a parody of the MGM lion logo), burps, howls, meows, clucks, moos or neighs. Afterwards, Mickey walks up beside him and laughs.

Episodes used

Donald and the Magnifying Glass

Similar to Magnifying Glass. Donald is searching for the sides of the centre, he goes behind it and it magnifies his face. He either says "Hey!", "Hi" or "Woah!"

Episodes used

Bobby Plays with a Train

Bobby and Donny are seen playing with a train, and Bobby says "Chugga-chugga-chugga-chugga-choo-choo" or sometimes not at all.

Episodes used

(Note: This intro is also a part of a scene in the episode, Bobby's Train.)

Mickey Takes a Bath

Similar to Arthur Takes a Bath. Bobby walks up to the centre circle looking for Mickey, and pulls the bath curtain. Mickey is behind the curtain, taking a bath and screams or yells "Hey!" when he notices Bobby. He is embarassed and sinks lower into the tub.

Episode used

Mickey Playing a Slot Machine

Similar to Arthur Playing a Slot Machine. Mickey pulls the lever and a picture of a character appears. The characters seen for the title card are Donald, Pluto, Minnie, Daisy. A "ding, ding, ding" sound is heard when each section of the face appears. Mickey does a Ta-da! pose.

Episode used

Minnie Underwater

Similar to Brain Underwater. The same version as Mickey Underwater, but Mickey is replaced by Minnie, the fish are dark orange and Pluto is darker. Minnie says "Hey!" or occasionally says nothing.

Episode used

Donald Underwater

The same versions as Mickey Underwater and Minnie Underwater, but Mickey/Minnie is replaced by Donald, the fish are green and Pluto is brown. Donald says "Hello!" or "Hi!".

Episode used


There are five title cards that has so far been used once. Each of them are different.

Episode used

Season Episodes Originally aired Canada
Season premiere Season finale
1 8 March 13, 2012 May 8, 2012
2 11 September 4, 2012 November 13, 2012
Season Episodes Originally aired France
Season premiere Season finale
1 14 September 3, 2013 December 31, 2013
2 18 April 22, 2014 July 29, 2014

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