Logan is a human-sized fox and the deturagonist of A Cat Called Liz. He is energetic and childish, but also very no-nonsense. He is 15 years old (in human years) and has a missing canine tooth. He is voiced by Greg Cipes.

Physical Appearance

Logan has gray fur, unsheathed claws, a black tip on his ears and tail and a missing canine tooth on the bottom right corner of his mouth. He is human-sized due to being a failed experiment in a high school science class (he was supposed to turn into a human, but the machine exploded).


Logan is usually impatient and anxious, but he tends to soften when given legit reasons for ridiculous ideas. He hates not knowing details (example: when Liz told him they were going for a "big west ride" which was, really, hiding in plane luggage) and is afraid of badgers because they bullied him for his abnormal size.


  • Despite being a predator, he is actually vegan since he doesn't eat Liz when she frees him from the glass tank.
  • He is in a way like Cody from Total Drama:
  • They both are "awkward" around their crushes (Liz and Gwen)
  • They both have quick reflexes.
  • They both have a missing tooth.
  • He is also similar to Beast Boy from Teen Titans:
  • Both don't eat meat.
  • Both can get angry if underestimated ( which both actually did)
  • They are voiced by the same person (Greg Cipes)
  • They both have dreams about having 33 kids.
  • Logan's name is the same as Beast Boy's last name (Garfield Logan).

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