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The Lost Boys

Quotes and Lines spoken by The Lost Boys.


Peter Pan

  • How, Chief. How.
  • Okay, Chief. Uh, you win this time. Now turn us loose.
  • Sure. When we win we turn them loose.
  • When they win, they turn us loose.
  • They turn us loose.
  • Huh?
  • The chief's a great spoofer.
  • Tiger Lily?
  • We ain't got your ol' princess!
  • Me neither.
  • I think I had a mother once.
  • What was she like?
  • I forget.
  • I had a white rat.
  • That's no mother!
  • HOORAY! [all sing] Hook is a codfish!

A codfish. A codfish. Hook is a codfish! A codfish. A codfish.

Peter Pan II: Return to Neverland

  • Let's play the "Don't hit Cubby over the head" game.
  • Yeah all it takes is faith.
  • Trust.
  • And uh, something else.
  • [bumps into Nibs] That's it, ow.
  • Come on, come on, over here! [The Twins toss it to him, he slides it under him and Tootles gets it, and run through Jane's legs]
  • Come on, why don't you guy ever throw it to me!!?
  • I GOT IT! [The list flys into his mouth. As Jane gasps, he gulps it down, and burps]
  • Uh Peter? I think there's something wrong with Tinkerbell.
  • Ooh. Looks kinda bad.
  • Kinda bad? Kinda? [starts crying] Oh, it's hopeless! Poor little Tinkerbell! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!
  • What'd she say, Peter?
  • Well, let's just go and make her believe!

TV Series

House of Mouse

Video Games

Kinect Disneyland Adventures Series

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

  • "Look, Pan! We got the chest!"
  • "You go an' get 'em, Pan!"
  • "Somebody help!"
  • "Boy, you sure cut that monster down to size!"
  • "Hooray! We sure showed Hook this time!"
  • "Let's try kickin' him!"
  • "All right, all right, we're goin'!"
  • "Let's go! Let's go!"
  • "Ahoy! Look what we brought!"
  • "It's a pirate's treasure chest!"
  • "Uh, sorry, but... we losted all the treasures."
  • "We could just put what we treasure in there instead—if ya wanna?"
  • "He... he's gone!"
  • "Look! The light!"
  • "Over there!"
  • "I'm gonna be the leader!"
  • "We were so close."
  • "But Pan!"
  • "Of the expatition!"
  • "Uhh, we're goin' on a treasure hunt. And that's our map you got!"
  • "Nooo!"
  • "Whoopee!"
  • "Enough pointin'. C'mon, let's go!"
  • "The mark on the map points all the way up there."
  • "But... we've never had to flied that high before!"
  • "What if we fall?"
  • "Yeah, we know..."
  • "Ya mean we went all the way around Never Land for nothin'?"
  • "Oh, we losted it all."
  • "What's the matter?

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