Man-Eating Monster is one of the two evil monsters summoned by some ancient occultists.He is the fat evil monster who loves eating people and other living things.He is Dragons partner.He is the secondary main antagonist of the upcoming Pixar Film.The Giant Reptile From The Deep.He is voiced by Keegan-Michael Key.

Physical Appearance

Man-Eating Monster is an overweight monster with a head of a lion,a face of a gorilla,a body,arms and legs of a bear,wings of a bat and a tail of a dragon.


Man-Eating Monster is an evil monster who loves to eat anything that is alive (mainly humans).Hes gluttonous in a very funny way.He also works as Dragons partner in crime.Pretty much like his partner Dragon.


The Giant Reptile From The Deep

Few years after Brookes attack on New York in September 11 2009.Two evil monsters known as Dragon And Man-Eating Monster began causing havoc in the other side of America.He also began to roast and eat countless people and also other living creatures.However, the two bad monsters are distracted by the army.But kills many of them.Then later.When Brooke returns.He and Dragon battles Brooke in Washington.This is their first battle with Brooke.Then later in New York.He and Dragon began their second battle with Brooke.Then they almost won when they began wounding and scarring her.But she gains the upper hand and fights back against the two villainous monsters.He tried to beat Brooke.But Brooke strikes the fat evil monster with her tail.Impaling and piercing him in the stomach.Killing him instantly.


  • Despite being overweight. He does not appear to suffer health consequences like overweight humans do.
  • The way Man-Eating Monster dies is similar to the death of the Male MUTO.
    • They both are being hit with the tail by the main monster protagonists (Godzilla And Brooke) that causes  both of them to be impaled.
  • Dragon and Man-Eating Monster are sometimes considered the cousins of Chernabog.
  • It is also possible that Dragon and Man-Eating Monster are pet beasts of the Evil One in a sense.According to some of I.R.Navarros Christian friends.
  • Some Of I.R.Navarros Christian Friends Believe That There Are Real Demons That Resemble Dragon And Man-Eating Monster In The Spiritual Realm.
  • Dragon and Man-Eating Monster may also be viewed by one of I.R.Navarros Christian friends as the opposites of Brooke the Kaiju:
    • Brooke is a goddess in a sense,While Dragon and Man-Eating Monster are devils in a sense.
    • Brooke represents everything that is a blessing,While Dragon and Man-Eating Monster represents everything that is a curse.
    • Brooke represents everything that is positive and true,While Dragon and Man-Eating Monster represents everything that is negative and false.
    • Brooke represents everything that is beautiful in the inside,While Dragon and Man-Eating Monster represents everything that is ugly in the inside.

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