Marina Cat
Marina Catt
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Farm Buddies
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Candi Milo
International Voice
Performance model
Designer StormieCreater
Inspiration Smurfette

Minerva Mink

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Marina Catt
Other names Sweet cheeks (When boys are flirting)
Personality Beauteous, attractive, flirty, vain, kind, caring, jealous (of girls prettier than her), confident, likable, girlish, a bit bossy, seductive
Appearance Slender, White fur, blonde hair, pink eyes, light blue eye shadow, pink nose
Occupation Cowgirl, main girl for boys' attraction
Alignment Good
Home Windy Hills Farm
Love Interests Jason
Allies Floyd Pig, Tara Lizbern, Felix, Flip, Wally, Pippi, Fido, Mustard, Atlas
Minions All boys who seek her love
Enemies Willy the Wolf, Tornado
Likes Riding horses, charming boys, being the prettiest girl, Magazines, "hot" boys, Jason, Floyd, the farm, France, romance, playing hard-to-get
Dislikes Mud, getting dirty, her hair ruined, girls prettier than her, Tara pushing her around, nerds
Powers and abilities
Quote "You not the right level to handle (refers to herself) this"

Marina is a supporting character in Farm Buddies. She is an anthropomorphic cat and the love interest of most boys on the farm (until later when they found other love interests)


Marina is an attractive cat who loves to flirt with boys. Most boys fall for her beauty. She's the "it" girl and every boy wants her, while every girl, except Tara, wants to be her.

Despite her independence, she goes gaga over the hottest boys of the century, including but not limited to bad boy Jason. She also is head over heels for celebrities and boy bands.

Marina is also kind and sweet, and she loves that boys like her.


Marina is a slender cat with a pretty face, blonde hair, pink eyes, and light blue eye shadow.

Like the other characters, Marina sports three different daily outfits:

  • A pink and magenta tie-on flannel, jean shorts with a brown belt, pink ballet slippers
  • Fuchsia sweater dress, turquoise slanted belt with pink heart buckle, turquoise ballet slippers, lavender leg warmers
  • Blue sundress, pink short sleeved jacket, magenta high heels

Role in the Show

Marina is the "it" girl of the show. Most boys are attracted to her and try everything they can to get her attention. She loves it when boys, especially Floyd, fight for her love. Marina is also rivals to Tara, due to their opposing personalities.


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