Marion Grant
Marion Grant
Background information
Feature films The Pauperess
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Colleen Clinkenbeard
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration King John
Marion Hawthorne
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Secret Stealer

Noisy dirty witch

Personality Mean-spirited, snobby, noisy, evil, greedy, power-hungry, sarcastic, disdainful, and snide
Goal To torment and murder all poor or regular-wealthed people
To kill the pauperess so she doesn't interfere with her "plan"
Home New Hampshire
Love Interests
Allies Janey Cross (best friend)
Minions Brant Mortons, Dana Flynn, Alexandra Frim, Makani Babic, Morty Finsh, Nim Rider
Enemies Neci Eason, Audrey Howse
Likes bullying, stalking, destroying innocent poor people, bossing everyone around
Dislikes dogs, Neci staying strong, being confronted, people not scared of her
Powers and abilities
Fate gets pushed into the road by Neci's dagger and runover by the horses.
Quote "You're peaceful life is over for good, Neci, and this time, nobody will escape."

 Marion Grant is the main antagonist of The Pauperess. An evil rich girl who was the leader of a group of rich kids who tormented Neci Eason. When Neci moved away with family to a new town, Marion and her friends followed them and started to stalk them.



Role History


  • Audrey! Come back here, NOW!
  • Never!
  • How dare you disobey ME!
  • Objection!
  • Mark my words, Audrey, you will pay for this betrayl!
  • Wait a minute! Why does this pauperess look so familiar?


  • Marion is the first villain in disney history to be confronted twice.
  • Marion is the only villain to find out that Neci is the Pauperess, but doesn't live to tell anyone.
  • Marion is considered the darkest junior disney villain.
  • Marion's crimes in the movie are:
    1. Aggravated stalking (Neci)
    2. Attempted Murder (Glenda, Neci, Audrey, a baby boy, and a group of nuns)
    3. Attempted Mass Murder (a group of nuns)
    4. Arson (Salisbury)
    5. First Degree Murder (tba)
    6. Attempted sexual assault (Glenda)
    7. Peer victimization (yba)

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