Luna Tempest

Birth of Twins

Kidnapped at birth

Making new Friends

Electrocution... and Survival?

Luna Tempest is born

Jameson's Daughter

Mena's Disappearance

As soon as Maya returns home, she comes across a ransom note explaining that Mena was taken.


Wreck-it Ralph 2

Meeting a Stinkbrain

Heroine Meets Ultimate Life Form

Luna Tempest 2

TV Shows


Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

Maya is seen the episode, Stanklessly Devoted to You cheering for Randy as he fights the Phantom King at the arcade.

Mickey Mouse

Mariya (Mickey Mouse)

Maya in Mickey Mouse

In Mickey Mouse, Maya is an internationally famous fashion designer. Her clothing brand is called Tough Lady.

Once Upon a Time

In the ABC series Once Upon a Time, Maya's Storybrooke counterpart is a lawyer named Sakura Takahashi.

Disney's All New House of Mouse

Maya is a guest at the House of Mouse. She is usually seen sitting next to Vanellope, Riku, Merida, Sora, Kairi, Mochani, or Cinderella.


Kingdom Keepers

"Finn looked into the peddler girl's eyes. As beautiful as she was, they were a lovely sapphire blue color and her lips were redder than Snow White's. He blinked and took a step back so he wouldn't make her think he was trying to frighten her.
The girl pursed her lips together and gave him the money for the apple. "I hope we meet again Finn..." she whispered as she turned away and vanished into the night.


—Kingdom Keepers XIII
Peddler girl

Mariya as the beautiful and mysterious peddler girl in Kingdom Keepers

Maya makes her first appearance in Kingdom Keepers XIII. She sells an apple to Finn and teaches him to see the difference between a regular apple and a sleeping apple. She also warns him about the impending danger that the Overtakers will cause along with the heartless and tells him to thank Sora for refurbishing the hidden light in the darkness of the world order. Then she blushes as soon as she catches Finn staring at her.

She is last seen at the end of the book watching Maleficent resurrect Turbo, leading her to warn Willa and Finn.

Video Games

Like many Disney Characters, Maya has appeared in many video games.

Kingdom Hearts series

Kingdom Hearts: Knights of Avalon

Kingdom Hearts IV

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Evolution

Maya is a playable character. Her kart is the Cutie and Kaboodle.

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