Meet Misty is the thirteenth episode of season 1 of Frankenweenie Adventures. The next episode is Scrsps' Crush. The previous episode is FrankenSmokey


When lightning strikes a grave at the Pet Cemetary, Victor Frankenstein, Sparky and their two other undead friends rush over to see what happened. When the friends see the open grave, Scraps darts over to a gravestone marked Smokey. What he sees is something truly beautiful; A blue cocker spaniel named Misty. Scraps falls head over tail for her, and shows her to the others. Victor takes her to Elsa, who is glad to take her in. But all the while, Mr. Karloff, the Pet Cemetary cryptkeeper, hears about Misty and the other undead dogs and plans to bring a few pets of his own to life. Can Sparky and the dogs destroy these monsters, before it's too late?







Victor Frankenstein

Elsa Van Helsing

Mr. Karloff

Karloff's Creations


  • Misty, Mr. Karloff and his creations make their debut
  • Scraps tries to woo Misty over a lot. He may have a crush on her
  • The dogs talk to each other. Sparky is voiced by Cameron Boyce, Persephone is voiced by Peyton List, Scraps is voiced by Daniel Huddlestone Misty is voiced by Lilla Crawford and Zero is voiced by Robert Capron


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