This is a page full of Megaera White's relationships


Mr. and Mrs. White

Megaera respects her parents and loves them with all her heart. She shares a bonding Irish spirit with her father, who is Irish to the core. She also holds her mother close to her heart, and mainly helps her because her mother is pregnant.

Cassidy White

Two sisters

Even though Cassidy can be a handful sometimes, Megaera loves her sister and admires her strange and weird personality. She also thinks Cassidy's crush on Charm is cute.

Charm McTatoes

Megaera and Charm aren't related, but she treats him like he is part of the family. According to Meg, Charm is like an "uncle" to her. After Cassidy, Charm feels closest to Meg, as she does to him.


Yori Yumaka

Yori is Megaera's best friend. She was the first one to befriend Meg when she first came to Little Town. Although their personalities are complete opposite, the two bonded over time and became best friends. Meg usually does the talking for her BFF.

Casey and Cole Rodriguez

Meg was introduced to Casey and Cole during the time she was attending Little Town High school. Like Yori, she got to bond with both of them and become friends.

With Casey, Meg feels like she can relate to someone who is as weird as her, and the two get along well.

With Cole, Meg feels like she can tell her problems to him. Cole has a crush on her, which she is completely unaware of.

Calliope Musica

Meg admires Callie's high spirits, even though Meg herself is not a full-on girly girl. She enjoys hanging out with her nevertheless and enjoys her company.

Axel Shmidtt

Meg thinks Axel is super smart and sometimes asks him to help her with homework.

Gemini Stevens

Because Gemini likes Yori and vise versa, Meg gives him special friendly treatment. She is super friendly to him and sometimes teases him about his crush on Yori, which he obliges to.

Harley Peterson

Harley was Meg's childhood friend. They were both separated when they were both getting ready to go to high school. However, Harley and Meg were reunited when the Petersons' moved in the season one finale.



Meg doesn't appreciate Thor's reckless and cruel behavior among her fellow classmates.


At first, Meg thought Josh was a cool guy, until she realized what he's really like. She thought he was mean, manipulative, and kind of a bully. She also didn't understand why Calliope liked him.


Monica and Meg are rivals. Monica thinks Meg is not cool enough on her level, and Meg doesn't like the way Monica bosses everyone around.


Though Cassandra's beauty is stunning, Meg dislikes the way she misuses boys that are under her hypnotic, flirty spell. She especially doesn't like the way Cassie flirts with Gemini Stevens, Meg's best friend's crush.

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