1. Ugh.. Morning.. Morning [pulls up pillow]
  2. Morning! time to start another day of luck and myster-- wait what was that?!
  3. Who Are You?
  4. Mr. Hawaii I'm So Certainly sorry I was sleepy
  5. wHY? Why do I need to do that
  6. Mr. Hawaii I must certainly go-- good bye! [runs]
  7. [Sings]
  8. Blah! [Comes out Water] Should I go or not?
  9. Ill need to go..
  10. Mrs. Russia, Ill need to go to the ocean..
  11. Yes Mame,
  12. Uh-Huh
  13. Wait What?
  14. No No No No No!
  15. I may not
  16. Farewell, Then
  17. My Coranation is tomorrow, do you have any suggestions what u should do?, Mrs. Mexico!
  18. A Chimney Cake? What's that?
  19. Whats a Fireface?
  20. Okay, Bye.. Then.. I guess
  21. Mr. Toronto and Mrs. New York, you are very famous, do you have any suggestions for my Coranation?!
  22. Paparazzis? Cameras? baby Montiers?!
  23. Okay so I'll have Paparazzis.. At the start taking pictures of random people who walk by..
  24. baby moniters... Cameras.. Ugh!

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