An upcoming episode from the Disney/WB show The Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Adventures:


(At Toontown School)

Elmer: Okay, evewyone with your partners, open your box, hold out your knife and saw the fwogs in half.

(Elmer chuckles)

Mickey: Glad you're with me, Donald!

Donald: Sure I am, because we're best friends!

Mickey: Well, here it goes! I hate to kill this cute little frog, but I have no choice!

Donald: Me too!

(Mickey has a knife, Donald opens the box and lays the frog on the table)

(Mickey was about to saw the frog in half, until the frog came to life)

(Michigan sings)

(Mickey and Donald gets frightened and holds on to each other)

(Michigan continues singing)

(Mickey and Donald looks at each other)

(Michigan stops singing and goes back in the box)

Mickey: Okay, so that was weird!

Donald: Yeah, I never heard a frog sing before.

Mickey: This should really impress Mr. Fudd!

(Title Card)

(Elmer sleeps)

Mickey and Donald: Mr. Fudd!

(Elmer wakes up, startled)

Elmer: I didn't do it! Oh, it's you too!

Mickey: Uh, Mr. Fudd, we both have a special surprise!

Elmer: What is it?

Donald: It's a frog!

Elmer: A fwog?

Mickey: Yeah, but it's not just an ordinary frog, this frog can sing!

Elmer: Weawwy, I wanna heaw it sing!

Mickey: Okay!

(Mickey opens the box)

(Michigan didn't sing)

Mickey: Come on, frog, sing!

(Michigan still didn't sing)

Mickey: Come on, you sang before, why aren't you singing?

Donald: Maybe he got stage fright!

(Michigan starts to open his mouth)

Mickey: I think he's gonna sing!

(Michigan croaks)

Mickey: Oh, what's wrong with you, frog?! Why are you not singing?!?! Sing, sing, sing!!!!!!!

Donald: Calm down, Mickey!

Mickey: Right, calm down!

Elmer: I have to admit, I'm weawwy unamused! I think there's somthing wrong with your minds, I'm gonna have to report both of y'all to the doctor woom!

(At the doctor room)

Mickey: This is just great! He didn't sing, not a bit, he just ribbet!

Donald: Yeah, that's phooey!

(Foghorn comes in)

Foghorn: Okay, I heard that Elmer told me that you frog can sing.

Mickey: It's true, and can----

(Foghorn puts the tempurature in Mickey and Donald's mouth)

Foghorn: Okay, I'm taking your tempuratures, I'll be right back.

(Foghorn close the door)

(Michigan comes out from the box and sings)

(Michigan gets done singing and Mickey and Donald claps)

(Foghorn come back in)

Foghorn: Look, how am I gonna take tempuratures, if y'all singing?

Mickey: But it wasn't us!

Donald: Yeah, it was the frog!

Foghorn: A frog? You're joking, right?

Mickey: No! We'll give you proof.

(Mickey opens the box)

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