Mission Name Playable Characters Track Type Enemy



Leo and June love forever June (Bug Dancer) Mickey Park Rival Racer Leo (Coupeductor) 1
Sheetrock Hills Destructor Mayor Rosa (Rosarolla) Sheetrock Hills


- 1
Leo's Rumble Leo (Coupeductor) Rumble Track Rumble Little Einsteins Charcters 1
Hit Checkpoint, Annie! Annie (Coupe Singer) Einsteins Rally Checkpoint Race - 2
Quincy's Drift Test Quincy (Bug Music) Pooh Snow Drift - 2
Mickey vs Pete Mickey Mouse (Mouse Rossini) Cliff Hills Rival Racer Pete (Rectangle Sedan) 2
Darby's Slalom Darby (Wagon Delta) Pooh Snow Slalom - 1
Quincy and June Leo (Coupeductor) Einsteins Rally Rival Racer Quincy and June 1
Little Racers Leo (Coupeductor) Einsteins Rally Grand Prix Little Einsteins Character 1
Cliff Drift! Izzy (Izzyupe) Cliff Hills Drift - 1

Available Characters

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

My Friends Tigger and Pooh

Little Einsteins

Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Handy Manny