An episode from the Disney/WB show The Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Adventures:


(At Mickey and Bugs' house)

(Mickey whistles, while taking a shower)

Bugs: Are you almost done in there?

Mickey: Almost!

Bugs: Well, hurry up! I need to take a shower!

Mickey: Okay!

(Mickey gets done taking a shower)

(Mickey dries himself up, puts on clean gloves, clean underwear and puts on his footed pajamas)

Bugs: Did you put on your PJs?

Mickey: Yep!

Bugs: Good mouse! Now get ready for bed, I'll see you tommorow!

Mickey: Goodnight!

Bugs: Goodnight!

(Mickey gets ready for bed and fluffs up his pillow)

(Mickey closes his eyes)

(Clock says "12:00")

(Mickey sleeps until he unknowingly peed on his bed)

(Morning rises)

(Clock says "8:00" and rings)

(Mickey turns off the clock and yawns)

(Mickey opens the blinds)

Mickey: Good morning, sun!

Sun: Good morning, Mickey!

Mickey: Another good day!

(Mickey opens the blankets and sees that he wetted up his bed)

Mickey: Oh, no! I wetted up the bed?

(Title Card)

Mickey: I wetted up the bed? How did I do that?!

Bugs: Mickey, are you getting dressed?

Mickey: Uh, yes Bugs! I can't let Bugs see this!


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