Monsters 3-Randall's Adventure is the probable upcoming sequel to the 2001 film Monster's inc. it will be about Randall. and his adventure through becoming a homosexual.

Master Plot

The film takes place shortly after Randall's banishment to the human world. Randall sits sad, thinking about all the years were him & Mike fucked eachother. Grabbing his greasy, uncleaned cock, Randall goes to work. Thinking about the good old days, and the times of rubbing his purple cum across Mike's cold, green skin.

Cast and character

Steve Buscemi as Randall Boggs, the film's main protagonist.

John Goodman as James P. Sulley, one of the film's deuteragonists

Billy Crystal as Mike Wazowski, one of the film's deuteragonists

Kelsey Grammer as Waternoose, the main antagonist of the film. his goal is to get Randall help him kill Sulley & Mike and later kill all three of them.

Beth Behrs as Carlie Amanderson, the tritagonist of the film. she befriends with Randall and shares with him adventures.

David Ogden Stiers as Booster Jazen, an antagonist in Randall's Adventure. he is a large 5 foot tall monster with a red body, two white round googley eyes, two sharp teeth, two red wings simular to Dean Hardscrabble, yellow pants and black bigfoot feet.

Nathan Fillon as Johnny J. Worthington, the tertiary antagonist of the film, alongside Rogger. he wanted revenge on Sulley, Mike & Randall (he still calls Randall "Randy") so he rescued lots of prisoners from jail including Waternoose and became Waternoos's main henchman & sidekick.

Johnny Depp as - Jeff "Ronno" Boggs, Randall's father, the leader of the tribe and a supporting protagonist in the film.

Alfred Molina as Beaty K. Boars, Randall's rival and a supporting anti-protagonist threw the film.

Zendaya Coleman as - Rebeka Boggs, Randall's mother and a supporting protagonist of the film.

Vanessa Hudgens as Patty Bon, a female antagonist in Randall's Adventure. she is a blue thin pretty monster with long red hair, two blue eyes (white eyes with one blue spot inside each eye), black bekini, orange pants and thin legs.

Tim Allen as Don Megaro, an antagonist in the film. he is a monster, more info coming soon.

Migeul Ferrer as Rogger Gopps, the leader of the monster hunters and the tertiary antagonist of the film.

Reese Witherspoon as Emma Brooks, Carlie's 21 year old aunt who is getting married.

Frank Oz as Jeff Fungus, the hidden secondary antagonist through the film.

more TBA suprises.

Plot & Story

its just 4 hours of randall jerking off

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