Main Plot

Sully and Mike have been visiting Boo ever since she turned ten years old.Sully and Mike accidentally destory Boo's door. Years Later it is fixed and when they open it up a teenager hugging Sully's arm shouts "Sully".The teenager is Boo who is 14 years old now. But she is still in danger cause Waternoose has ascaped jail and now he is twice as mad.


Bill Crystal as Mike Wazowski -Mikes Best friend now does his job making children laugh.

John Goodman as James P Sullivan -A former scarer now works at a place to make children laugh.

Mae Whiteman as Boo (Judy Stevens) -At age 3 adventured fearless in a monster world now reunites with long time friends but get out of this adventure.

John Ratzeberger as Abombidable Snowman -No longer banished helps the gang make kids laugh.

Kelsey Grammer as Henry James Waternoose III-Waternoose comes out of jail for some revenge.


The Toy Story gang have an adventure inside Bonnie's house during the 4th of July.

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