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Background information
Feature films The Monty Story (debut)

Frozen 2 (cameo)

Inside Out 2

The Monty Story: Chronicles of Insanity

Television programs Dog With a Blog (actor cameo)

The Monty Show

Ultimate Crossover Land

Video games Disney Infinity 3.5
Park attractions
Portrayed by Himself
Portrayed by
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Somber, sarcastic
Appearance Brown hair, usually wearing a green shirt and blue flipflops, sometimes wearing headphones
Age 2-11 (The Monty Story)

12 (Inside Out 2, The Monty Story: Chronicles of Insanity)

Birthday July 16, 2003
Occupation None
Affiliations The Ultimate Pervert
Home Chubbuck, ID (all except Inside Out 2 and Ultimate Crossover Land)

San Francisco, CA (Inside Out 2, Ultimate Crossover Land)

Relatives Tyson (brother)

Mom (mom)

Dad (dad)

Love Interests Imastamper (The Monty Story)

Riley Anderson (Ultimate Crossover Land)

Pets Mechanisabottom
Minions Mechanisabottom
Likes Linkin Park
Dislikes Classical music
Powers and abilities
Quote My crush on Ima is history. I have a crush on a DIFFERENT girl now. And I'll never tell you who it is.

Monty is a character introduced in The Monty Story, but has appeared in several different movies and TV shows. Mainly he is the star of his own chronology, The Monty Story.


Monty is considered by some to be "The Ultimate Pervert". The rest just call him Monty.


When Monty was first created, he was a silly, outgoing, and creative 9 year old. Now he is shown with various different personalities. However, his most recent, the 12 year old, is a rebellious and somber pre-teen who suspects himself to have bipolar disorder.


  • Monty is his own worst enemy.
  • People mention several crushes he has had, but in his Disney appearances he has only had two: Imastamper and Riley Anderson.

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