Mulan is an upcoming broadway show based on Mulan


Character Description Actor/Actress
Fa Mulan/Ping A young woman who runs away from home and disguises as a man to fight the huns Lea Salonga
Li Shang The captain of the Chineese army B.D. Wong
Mushu Mulan's Gaurdian Daniel Breaker
Cri-Kee Mulan's "Lucky"cricket and Mushu's sidekick Puppeteered by Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Shan Yu The leader of the hun army Brian d'Arcy James
The Emperor The Emperor of China Joel Grey
Yao,Chien-Po,and Ling A trio of friends that Mulan meets in the army John Tartigalia (Ling),Harvey Fierstein(Yao),Kevin Chamberlin(Chien-Po)
The Great ancestor Fa One of Mulan's ancestors and Mushu's boss Zachary James
Chi-fu The Emperor's consul Donny Osmond
Fa Zhou Mulan's Father Terrence Mann
Fa Li Fa Zhou's wife and Mulan's mother Bebe Neuwirth
Grandmother Fa Mulan's Grandmother Jackie Hoffman
Little Brother Mulan's pet dog Puppeteered by John Tartigalia
Kahn Mulan's Horse Puppeteered by Peter Linz
Hayabusa Shan Yu's pet falcon Puppeteered by Jennifer Barnhart


Act I

Overture - Orchestra

The Ballad of the Fa Family - The Great Ancestor

The Huns Must Be Stopped - The Emperor

Honor To Us All - Fa-Li,Grandmother Fa,Mulan,Townspeople

Reflection - Mulan

The Letter - Mulan, Fa-Li, Fa-Zhou

Wake up the ancestors - The Great Ancestor,Mushu

Destroy the village - Shan Yu,The Huns

Keep 'Em Guessing - Mushu

I'll Make a Man Out Of You - Shang,Yao,Ling,Chein-Po,Mushu,Mulan

Act II

Entr'acte - Orchestra

Keep 'Em Guessing (reprise) - Mushu

The Message from the General - Chi-fu,Shang

A Girl Worth Fighting For - The warriors,Ling,Yao,Chein-Po,Ping,Chi-fu

Kill Them All -Shan Yu,Shang,Ping

I'll Make a Man Out Of You (reprise) - Shang

I'm a Fake - Mushu

We gotta stop them - Mulan

I'll Make a Man Out Of You (reprise II) - Mulan,Yao,Ling,Chein-Po,Shang

Honor to Us All (reprise) - Cast

Bows/True to your Heart - 98°,Stevie Wonder (audio track)

Differences from the movie and the musical

  • The swimming scene is cut
  • The deleted song Keep 'Em Guessing was brought back for the musical

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