Mulan III is a direct-to-dvd sequel to Mulan and Mulan II and was released on August 1, 2013. The movie follows the events of Mulan II and explores the idea of a married couple with a recently born child who are sent to fight for the Chinese Imperial Army and protect the country from the Mongol invaders Mulan III Coming On May 31, 2024.


Ming Na-Wen as Fa Mulan

Mark Mosely as Mushu

BD Wong as Gen. Shang

Jackie Chan as Renkus Khan, the main villain, decendant of Ghengis Khan, and the head Mongol

Keone Young as Chi, a medium-sized dragon and Khan's guardian and minion

Every actor repreises their roles


Unlike the first two movies, Mulan III is a musical in more of a sence and has many more musical numbers.

  • Reflection : the opening song.
  • Ying and Yang : sung when Mulan and Shang are getting ready for war
  • A Girl Worth Fighting For : sung by Mulans old friends and their new wives
  • What I'll Do For Love : sung by Shang when offered a deal by the Mongol leader
  • That's What I'm For : sung by Mushu when summoned for help
  • Honour To Them All : sung by Mulan when returning from war victoriously before learning her father was killed.

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