Background information
Feature films Hook: The Curse of the Onyx Diamond

Hook: The Legend of Captain Jesse

Television programs Hook: The Series
Video games The Legend of Captain Jesse
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jenna Ortega
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards Top 10 best Disney pirate heroines
Character information
Full name Muriel
Other names
Personality Swashbuckling, adventurous, tomboyish, good-natured, tough, sarcastic, surprisingly shy, courageous, clever, funny
Appearance Slender, fair skinned, red hair in a braid, auburn eyes, freckles
Age 13
Occupation Pirate

Captain Hook's only female matey

Red Jessica's niece

Alignment Good
Goal To hunt for treasure with her crew
Home NeverLand
Relatives Red Jessica (aunt)
Love Interests Captain Jesse

Mr. Smee (rumored)

Allies Captain Hook, Mr. Smee, Sharkey and Bones, Red Jessica, various creatures in NeverLand, Captain Jesse, Peter Pan (to a degree)
Minions Her crew
Enemies Captain Tasslebeard, First Mate Mona (worst enemy)
Likes Her friends, adventures, danger, gemstones, Mr. Smee, Captain Jesse, treasure, trees, ancient tombs,
Dislikes Her friends in danger, Red Jessica embarrassing her, First Mate Mona, Sharkey and Bones singing all the time
Powers and abilities
Weapons Her sword, an ancient spear
Quote "I crave adventure! bring it!"

"Ugh. Not again"

"Please stop before I hurt you"

Muriel is one of the main protagonists in Hook: The Series. She is Captain Hook's only female matey. She is voiced by Jenna Ortega.


Muriel is Captain Hook's only female matey on his crew when on the Jolly Roger. She is also the most rebellious on the team, constantly taking Captain Hook's role as captain. However, she looks up to Captain Hook as a role model, and is honored to serve on his crew. She is also the niece of Red Jessica, and is often disgusted about Red Jessica in love with Hook.


Muriel is the most rebellious on the crew. She loves adventure and running towards where danger could be at.

She is often annoyed by the constant singing of her crew mates, Sharkey and Bones, and never gets why they sing all the time. Although Muriel is annoyed by their songs, she finds some of their songs catchy.

Muriel is shown numerous times throughout the series to be one of the bravest pirates in NeverLand. She never backs down from a challenge and is ready to battle any evil pirates.

Even though Muriel is a swashbuckling adventurer, she is also a little shy. She is shy mostly around Mr. Smee, mainly because of his good nature. Though she could be rough and wild at times, Mr. Smee, in her opinion, is the only one who could calm her down. Because of this, it has been rumored that Muriel may have a small crush on Mr. Smee, though it has been doubted numerous times.


Muriel is a slender, 13 year old beautiful girl with actual red hair and auburn eyes. Her hair is usually worn in an braid. She also has freckles on her cheeks.

Her usual outfit is a red and white off the shoulder shirt, grey pants and brown boots with gold buckles around the ankles. She wears a red bandana around her head. She also has a gold key around her neck.

Her winter outfit is the same as her usual except with a green scarf, mittens and earmuffs.


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  • "I laugh in the face of danger! You hear that, danger?! I laugh at you! Har har har!"
  • "Yes...I mean no! I mean, ugh, does it really matter?!"
  • "Oh boy. Here we go"
  • "Shoot. I actually thought he was going away"
  • "What are you all staring at?!"
  • "Aunt Jess, please! Not in front of Captain Hook!"
  • "Ha! I was only going easy on you!" Prepare to meet your doom!"
  • "I...guess"


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  • Muriel's key can unlock any treasure chest in NeverLand.
  • Muriel is the only pirate on captain Hook's team to be a girl, and a teenager.
  • There were some scenes in the series where the rumor about Muriel crushing on Mr. Smee could be true.
  1. He is the only one to calm her down.
  2. She is abnormally sweet to Smee.
  3. If you look very closely at Muriel during some scenes where Mr. Smee takes charge, Muriel is seen blushing.
  4. If Mr. Smee asks her something, she loses her train of thought.
  5. Muriel is actually really shy around Smee.
  • Muriel has some similarities with Merida from Brave.
  1. Both have red hair
  2. Both are rebellious and headstrong.
  3. Both have a soft spot for one of the characters (Queen Elenor and Mr. Smee)
  4. Both love adventure.