Nerves of Steel
Season 2, Episode 1a
Air date March 13, 2020
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"The Water Wand"
"The Ultimate Survival Game"

Nerves of Steel is the first episode of Season 2 of Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 25th episode overall.


Stephanie hasn't left the house for a week, feeling devastated after becoming fully robot, but when the others are in danger, she will have to get used to her new form.




For a full transcript of "Nerves of Steel", click here.



  • Stephanie appears in her robot form, from the end of the previous episode, for most of the episode, but was transformed back to her normal form by the end.
  • Scooter doesn't have any of his own lines throughout the episode.
    • He does speak when the others do however.
  • This episode shows how much Sponghuck can't stand George Jacqueline.
  • The episode received positive reviews, mainly for Stephanie's heroism and personality, as well as showing how much she cares for the team. The episode's message about getting used to new things was also praised.

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