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Nightmare Foxy
Background information
Feature films Disney's Five nights at Freddy's 4 (1997)
Television programs FNAF Golden Years
House of Mouse
Video games Five Nights at Freddy's 4 animated book
Disney's Five Nights at Freddy's the origins: The Videogame
Five Nights at Freddy's Activity center
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Dave Burgess
Voice Jim Cummings
International Voice
Performance model
Designer Don bluth
Inspiration Banzai the hyena
Morton Koopa Jr.
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Nightmare Foxy the pirate fox
Other names foxy, fox
Personality agressive, killer, selfish, evil, crazy, sometimes cowardly, leadership, good (sometimes) moody
Appearance Big Fox with sharp hook, a motorcyclist clothes,brown pants, a pirate Champeu on his head
Occupation Nightmare animatronic
Alignment Bad, later neutral
Goal kill chris
Home Chris's house
Love Interests
Allies Nightmare Freddy,Nightmare Bonnie, Nightmare (formerly) Nightmare Fredbear,Nightmare Chica
Enemies Chris,Terrance, Fredbear, Chris's friends, Terrance's friends, Nightmare, Mr Boone, Chloe
Likes The taste of every person who is afraid, lava chicken
Dislikes That Nightmare does not betray and blame him and his gang for something he did not do
Powers and abilities
Weapons fang and sharp claws
Fate he turns against Nightmare and with his gang they kill him eating it
Quote Surprise kid

Nightmare foxy is the secondary antagonist of the 1997 film Disney's Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and the main antagonist in the TV show Five Nights at Freddy's : Golden Years. He is played by Jim Cummings



Nightmare Foxy is very clever and very tricky, always likes to cheat others. He is also very talkative at the same time, also sometimes he is very gruñon and he is not interested in anything that worries him


Nightmare Foxy is a big red fox and like everyone else, he wears biker clothes, a pirate hat, brown pants, a sharp hook, he also has sharp fangs in his mouth.

Role in The Film 

nightmare foxy and nightmares are the secondary antagonist in the first film. They appear in the chris's house where they, under nightmare fredbear's orders, chase chris an attempt to kill and devour them in the first place, but they're Are stopped by the alarm clock and they go, Where the child begins to have nightmare with the hungry animatronics again, the boy manages to spend his five nights, but .. his seventh night does not, because nightmare kidnaps him and terrance and fredbear had to rescue him next to normal fredbear

After nightmare hijacked chris along with his assistant plushtrap, nightmares do not appear during the scene, it is in the battle that appear there

When Nightmare Foxy, Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Chica and Nightmare Bonnie overhear Nigthmare trying to foist all blame for the events on them to fredbear, claiming that it was all their idea, they alert the rest of the clan of Nightmare 's treachery. After nightmare fredbear is defeated by fredbear, he is surrounded by the nightmares and tries to explain that he didn't really mean what he said, but the nightmares have had enough of his lies, derogatory treatment and broken promises of never going hungry again. Without hesistation, they devour Nightmare and fiercely rip him apart to his death. They run off after this.

Apperances in Tv Series

  1. A beautifull day
  2. Day of The Animals (part 1)
  3. Day of The Animals (part 2)
  4. Campament day
  5. Laughing The Nightmare's trio: Tv Dinner
  6. Halloween Special: The Rise of Nightmare
  7. Christmas Special: Merry Christmas
  8. The Great final

Apperances in Videogames

FNaF: The Origins

Nightmare Foxy with Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Bonnie and Nightmare Chica, appear in level 45 of the FNaF video game The Origins. these will appear in Chris's house as the heads in the house. the player has to light them with the flashlight and they will go, if not, the player has to hit them on the head, one by one and these will go at the end

Kingdom Hearts 3

coming soon



  • Nightmare Foxy is considered one of the most famous villains of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise as the other disney villains
  • Nightmare Foxy, shares some things in common with Morton Koopa Jr. from the Super Mario bros Franchise:
    • they both have the same personality
    • both have the same mission (Morton kill the main hero by orders of Bowser and Nightmare Foxy, kill Chris)
    • both use accessories (Morton, his wand, Nightmare Foxy, his hook)
    • both are very charlatans and very irritating
    • But unlike Nightmare Foxy, Morton has four fangs out of his mouth and Nightmare foxy has a row of sharp teeth. and another difference is that Morton is a character of Mario and Nightmare Foxy, is a character of FNaF.
  • it was thought in a future that Nightmare Foxy was going to have the same design of the original Foxy of the 1st movie, but this was discarded and it happened to change to another different design
  • Nightmare Foxy looks likes Willie E. Coyote from Looney Tunes, for its design.