Nightmare Chica will look like shenzi and the hawk from american tale
nightmare chica
Background information
Feature films Disney's Five nights at Freddy's 4 (1996)
Television programs Fnaf golden years

House Of Mouse

Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Don Bltuh
Voice Tress Macneille
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Ursula (Disney)

Belladonna (Don Bluth)

Zira (disney)

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Nightmare Chica the chicken
Other names chicki
Personality evil, leader, wicked, crazy, grumpy
Appearance A chicken (has a resemblance to a hawk), with baber
Occupation leader , antagonist
Goal kill chris
Home chri's home

nightmare's lair

Love Interests
Allies Nightmare's gang, nightmare fredbear
Enemies chris,terrance, nightmare fredbear, fredbear plush
Likes killing the peoples, human flesh
Dislikes That nightmare fredbear did not betray his clan of halgo that had done
Powers and abilities flight
Weapons sharp claws and peak
Quote but, yes..

I hate that kid With reason we are at the end of the food chain

Nightmare chica is the segundary and the main antagonist in the film fnaf 4 disney and the series the golden years , she is played by Tress Macneille

Physical apperance 

she is a chicken (has a resemblance to a hawk) with a baber in the neck

role in the film 

five nights at freddy's 4

In fnaf 4 disney, they were in charge to provoke the avalanche that finished with spring bonnie (the brother of fredbear). Later they were sent by nightmare fredbear to assassinate Kenny in their house by four days until the night 5, but they failed, hiding the truth to the bad bear. Then nigthmare fredbear on his fifth night is going to kill Kenny but on his two nights he fails. Finally, when fredbear is going to rescue Kenny along with terrence and fredbear plush, they will face them in the final battle,. Later they see how Nightmare fredbear betrays them of everything to try to be saved, being infuriated with him. After the battle with his rival, nigthmare fredbear falls into the void, but survives, meeting the animatronics, who devour him by his cowardice


  • nightmare chica is the only villain of disney to have more aggressiveness like the other villains of disney
  • nightmare chica have many similarities with Zira of the Lion King 2
  • Unlike the other characters in the movie, nightmare chica is equivalent to Zira of the lion king 2

References to Zira from the lion king 2 

she is are inspired by a two lioness of the first film of the lion king, zira and vitani from the lion king 2 Both are the leaders of her gang and have boracious henchmen

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