Nightmare Chica will look like shenzi and the hawk from american tale
nightmare chica
Background information
Feature films Disney's Five nights at Freddy's 4 (1996)
Television programs Fnaf golden years

House Of Mouse

Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Phyllis Diller (in original film)

Tress Macneille (in TV Series)

International Voice
Performance model
Designer Don Bluth
Inspiration Belladonna
Queen Narissa
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Nightmare Chica the chicken
Other names chicki
Personality evil, leader, wicked, crazy, grumpy
Appearance A chicken (has a resemblance to a hawk), with baber
Occupation leader , Nightmare animatronic
Alignment bad, later neutral
Goal kill chris
Home chri's home

nightmare's lair

Love Interests
Allies Nightmare's gang, nightmare fredbear
Enemies chris,terrance, nightmare fredbear, fredbear plush
Likes killing the peoples, human flesh
Dislikes That nightmare fredbear did not betray his clan of halgo that had done
Powers and abilities flight
Weapons sharp claws and peak
Quote but, yes..

I hate that kid With reason we are at the end of the food chain

Nightmare chica is the segundary and the main antagonist in the 1996 Disney film Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and The Tv series Five Nights at Freddy's : The Golden Years.she is played by Phyllis Diller and the TV series She is played by Tress Macneile


She is very ruthless, to whom she has no respect for anyone, she is brutal and murderous, since in that she plans to kill Chris, along with her other companions

It can also be a bit cowardly, and attracted at the same time

She is also very incompetent, because she does not like to have a lot of patience and does not like to wait, she is hungry, because at the same time, she behaves like a dog, wanting something to eat, among other things.

Physical apperance:

she has the physical appearance of a chicken (it looks more like a hawk than a chicken), has a white bib, well shredded, orange legs with sharp claws, a beak which is covered with sharp white teeth, It has ridges on its head, wings to fly and yellow eyes

Role in the film: 

Nightmare Chica appears for the first time with the other animatronics, in Chris's room, to which their names are presented and to which they wanted to kill him, but at the same time, the boy is saved by the alarm on his watch

After, Appears with Nightmare Bonnie trying a plan to kill the child Chris, and their second night they reappear, but they chase the boy from the room until they go off by snatching Chris's alarm clock,and so they do the same thing during the other nights until nightmare nightmare

Near the end of the movie, Nightmare Chica and the other animatronics appear and fight with Chris's friends when they come to his rescue, after they hear the Nightmare Fredbear speech that blames the Nightmare Animatronics for Fredbear's bite and away growling towards Nightmare Fredbear, shortly after Nightmare Fredbear survived the fall, the nightmare appear very angry with their boss and taking advantage of the opportunity, they rush on him and devour him for blaming them

 apperances in Tv Series:

  1. A beautifull day
  2. Day of The Animals (part 1)
  3. Day of The Animals (part 2)
  4. Campament day
  5. Laughing The Nightmare's trio: Tv Dinner
  6. Halloween Special: The Rise of Nightmare
  7. Christmas Special: Merry Christmas
  8. The Great final


  • Nightmare Chica's design is almost similar to Shenzi from the Lion King
  • Nightmare Chica shares many similarities with The Mouse Queen of The nutcracker Prince:
    • both are cruel, ruthless, evil (for their personality)
    • Both have stupid henchmen (Mouse King and Nightmare Bonnie)
    • Both have the same mission (Take over with their closest allies of a reign)
    • Both are interpreted by the actress Phyllis Diller

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