Nightmare Fredbear
Nightmare Fredbear
Background information
Feature films Disney's Five nights at Freddy's 4 (1996)
Television programs Fnaf Golden Years

House of Mouse

Video games Five Nights at Freddy's IV aniamted book

Five Nights at Freddy's the origins: The Videogame

Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jeremy Irons (in the 4th film)
Jim Cummings (in The Tv Series & House of Mouse)
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Scar
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Nightmare Fredbear The Bear
Other names Fredbear
Personality evil,bad,grumpy
Appearance a big bear with a purple blow and hant
Occupation nightmare animatronic
Alignment Neutral, later Bad
Goal kill chris
Home the nightmare's lair

chri's home

Love Interests
Allies nightmare's gang
Minions Nightmare's gang (formely),Nightmare (his partner),Plushtrap
Enemies Chris,Terrance, Fredbear plush and Fredbear normal, Nightmare's gang
Likes the dealings, the business, the reign of his power, the death he subdues
Dislikes Plushtrap's stupidites,be betrayed by his gang, be devoured
Powers and abilities
Weapons fang and sharp claws
Fate Is attacked and devoured by his nigthmare animatronic's gang
Quote I'm surrounded by idiots
oooohh my friends
No,No, No, le...le..le... let me explain,no, you do not understand, No, no,no

please, I did not want to tell you, no, nono, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO¡¡¡¡ (last words before being eaten by his gang they turn against him)

Nightmare Fredbear is the main villain in the 1996 Film Five Nights at Freddy's IV, He is a evil bear, who tries to attack Chris Afton with his gang. He is played by Jeremy Irons in the 4th film and The Tv series. He is played by Jim Cummings

Physical Appearance 

Nightmare Fredbear is elegant and balanced, but also scruffy and wild-eyed. He also speaks with an English accent. It is perhaps the bear most evidently of the film, of luxurious and melancholy appearance with a hat of purple color (similar to the one of Freddy krueger), yellow skin of brown color and red eyes distinctive in the form of almond. It has big brown legs with long curved black claws that, unlike those of other bears in the film, are always naked and never retract, alluding perhaps to its vicious nature.

Nightmare fredbear also sport a goatee beard, characteristic of villains, particularly the evil archetype twin that is appropriate. , Thus earning him his namesake (what happened during his youth). Some of his physical features were also based in part on his original voice actor, Jeremy Irons.

Role in the film 

Nightmare fredbear is a killer psychopath who tries to kill chris, and being malevolent and evil, next to animatronics nightmare wants to eat the fear of people (thus constituting their food) at the end of the movie, nightmare fredbear, dies devoured by the Animatronics nightmare they tear them apart and eat it alive

 apperances in Tv Series:

  1. A beautifull day
  2. Day of The Animals (part 1)
  3. Day of The Animals (part 2)
  4. Campament day
  5. Monsters
  6. Day of Terror
  7. Halloween Special: The Rise of Nightmare
  8. Christmas Special: Merry Christmas
  9. The Great final


  • Nightmare Fredbear's death is very similar to that of Scar in The Lion King, since in the two scenes they compare the fate of both villains eaten alive by other species of Animals (Hyenas and Animatronics Nightmare)
  • Nightmare Fredbear keeps many similitaries with Scar of the Lion King
  • Both are manipulative and evil and cruel
  • Both have a fate of their own (Scar dies devoured by hyenas and nightmare fredbear too, but in this case is eaten alive by his own gang)
  • Both are interpreted by Jeremy Irons
  • Nightmare Fredbear has the same design as Scar of The Lion King, thanks to his source of inspiration


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