Ninja Legends
Genre Action


Created by StormieCreater
Directed by TBA
Creative director
Voices of Mark Oliver, Andrew Francis, Brian Drummond, Michael Adamthwaite, Erin Matthews, Maryke Hendrikse, Sam Vincent
Composer(s) TBA
Opening theme
Number of seasons 6
Number of episodes TBA
Executive producer(s)
Running time 30 min
Production company(s) Disney Animated Studios
Original channel Disney XD
Picture format
Audio format
Original run 2019
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Ninja Legends is a CGI action Ninja series produced by Walt Disney Animated Studios.


Four Ninjas; Lance, Chase, Jade, and Doug; along with a trainee named Julia, were chosen by Sensei Olivier to protect the city of Guildsborough. With the villainous Lord Dmitri and his tricks, the team has to band together in order to be the legendary Ninjas they were taught to be.


Main article: List of Ninja Legends Characters

Main Cast

Lance (Andrew Francis), the calm leader of the team who sports red

Jade (Erin Matthews), the hotheaded one and only girl who sports an indigo

Chase (Michael Adamthwaite), the brains of the team who sports a turquoise

Doug (Brian Drummond), the muscle of the team who sports orange

Julia (Maryke Hendrikse), Jade's younger sister who sports a yellow, later diamond blue

Sensei Olivier (Mark Oliver), the team's Sensei and teacher

Lord Dmitri (Sam Vincent), a vengeful and villanous pale Guildsperson and the main antagonist of the series (S1-S2). However, it is shown he has a soft side for animals.

Supporting Characters

Rad (Alessandro Juliani), a skateboarding street fighter and an ally to the team.

Ty (Brent Miller), a spy and an ally to the team

Amoly (Ashleigh Ball), an attractive princess and rival to Jade but ally to the team

Amora (Andrea Libman), A female street fighter who has a crush on Chase

Supporting Villains

One-Eye (Brian Drummond), a cyclops who is Dmitri's dumb second in command

Blobby (Gabe Khouth)- A strong green blob who has the power to shape-shift, another one of Dmitri's minions.

Sal Mander (Ian James Corlett)- An anthroporpmorphic salamander monster, another of Dmitri's minions


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