Nixa Tokka
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games Disney Space Ninja (series)
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Lulu Chiang (in the first game)
Kelly Hu (currently)
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Nixa Xiyi Tokka
Other names Miss Tokka
Lizard Lady
Sweet Cheeks
Female Vigilante
The Mystery Girl
Hot Cakes
Personality Beautiful, shady, mysterious, sneaky, sweet, kind, adventurous, romantic, seductive, acrobatic, strong, perky, heroic, self-righteous, friendly, optimistic, intelligent
Appearance Slender, beautiful, green eyes, withe skin, pink/purple spots, lone tail, red lipstick, black/pink hair
Age 19
Birthday Year 2191
Occupation Vigilante
Alignment Good
Goal To become like her father (achieved)
To marry Inspector Leonore Apogee
Home Arzania (born)
Morndex (raised)
Relatives Master Kanen (father:deceased)
Love Interests Inspector Leonore Apogee
Drake D. Dreafrix (in the second game)
Fergon (in the fourth game)
Likes Inspector Leonore Apogee, making friend, her father, her family inheritance, romance, being a vigilante, defeating crime
Dislikes Enemies, her home being destroyed, Inspector Leonore Apogee rejecting her feelings
Powers and abilities

Nixa Tokka is the main protagonist in the Disney Space Ninja (series). She is a young Arzanian and the daughter of Master Kanen, who is a vigilante. Her father has accumulated a massive amount of criminals, murderers and mysteries through his days, Nixa takes her father's place as a vigilante.


Nixa is a young Arazanian with white skin and green eyes. She has wide hips and a long tail. She has many large oval shaped spots that seem to spread across her body but are most visible on her head and the back of her neck. She is also much more slender-built and shorter than the other Arzanians, which is possibly a common trait that many females of her species have.


Inspector Leonore Apogee

Throughout the series, Leonore has his mind set on capturing Nixa for being a vigilante, but also demonstrates romantic feelings for her, which Nixa often uses to escape at the last minute. In some games, Nixa often flirts and tries to seduce him, but he denies it. Throughout the series, Leonore has attraction to innocent women, and violent personality towards the protagonist. While he claims to hate vigilantes, he is easily interest in Nixa, which leads a number of rumors believe the relationship is romantic, a claim that he repeatedly denies. Although he denies having feelings for Nixa, it has been hinted throughout the story that he harbors some form of love towards her, though it may just be live-hate, it has not been explicitly expressed. In the final game series, they get together and had 9 babies.