Oliver the Kitten is a series of animated films. The series began in 1988 with Oliver (1988 film) and Oliver & Company. Produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.

List of titles

Films and Crossovers

The following is a list of the films in the series for Oliver the Kitten.


  • Oliver (1988)
  • Oliver the Giant Kitten (1988)
  • Marie the White Female Kitten (1988)
  • Oliver's Love (1988)
  • I Wanted a Black Cat (1988)
  • Oliver Likes a Snow (1988)
  • Oliver Goes to The Circus (1988)
  • Oliver's Halloween (1988)
  • Oliver's Christmas Carol (1988)
  • Oliver and Company (1988)
  • House of Mouse (2000)
  • Oliver and Company 2: Thug Runway (2015)

Television Series

  • House of Mouse (2001 TV Series) (2001-2003)

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