[[Image:ADAD Patty|258px]]
Background information
Feature films Pinocchio II
Television programs Disney's Pinocchio: The Series
Disney's All New House of Mouse
Video games Kingdom Hearts III
Disney's Pinocchio
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Mallerie Rigsby
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Patty Girl
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names None
Personality Brave, Truthful, Unselfish, Sweeties, Hopeful, Playful, Outgoing and Beautiful
Affiliations Good
Goal And some day, I'm gonna be a real girl!
Relatives Gladys (Patty's Mother)
Love Interests
Allies Pinocchio (Close Pen Pal)
Jiminy Cricket (Close Buddies)
Geppetto (Close Pinocchio's Father)
The Blue Fairy (Close Friend)
Powers and abilities

Patty, sometimes referred to as Patty Girl, is a character from Kingdom Hearts III. She is the main character from the 2011 film Pinocchio II.

A new African American wooden girl puppet carved by Gladys and turned into a living puppet by the Blue Fairy returns. By the voiced Mallerie Rigsby.


Patty is a new marionette made to look like a African American little girl. This is clearly reflected by has arms and legs, which are rectangular blocks of brown-colored wood. Has legs also have clear hinges at has knees. Other than this, however, it is rather difficult to tell her apart from a normal girl, and she in fact becomes one during the end credits of Kingdom Hearts III. Patty has thick, dark-brown hair and eye-browns, dark-brown eyes, and four-fingered hands. Has nose is slightly darker colored than the rest of has "skin", and shirt grows when she lies a little.

Clothing-wise, Patty wears a dark-pink hat with a pink in it, black shoes, and white gloves like those worn by many older Disney characters. She wears a light-blue, shirt under a pink lining. Has dress are light-blue, she wears a both dark-pink earings and she wears a pink bow on top with her pony-tail hair up.


Patty is a new cute curious and honest girl, yet a bit gullible and mischievous, and doesn't have a sense of what's happened to right and wrong, which is why Jiminy takes the role of has a good friend "conscience". See is also shown to be braveful kind enough to wander around Monstro's stomach, looking for a way out; even though there are Heartless lurking around, as well as hazards like stomach acids. She never often lies to others, but is given away by his nose getting little short for each lie.


Patty Quotes

Patty/Quotes and Lines.

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