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Pewh Bahwr
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Personality Evil, Greedy
Appearance The Great Malleo Wikia
Age 26
Occupation Weegee's Army, Hott Honig Räubers and obeying Weegee
Alignment Evil
Goal To Destroy Winnie the Pooh, Take over the Hundred Acre Wood under Weegee's rule
Home United 'Gees Galaxy, Disngee Galaxy
Relatives The Pewh Family
Love Interests
Allies Weegee, Malleo, Yushee, Teegaw, Peegawlawt, Iiiaw, Ruu, Kungaw and Rawbheet
Minions Pewh Bahwr Clones
Enemies Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, Mario, Luigi
Likes Honey
Powers and abilities

Pewh Bahwr is the Weegee/evil clone of Winnie The Pooh, the son of Hoop who is the Fortran version of Pooh and a member of Weegee's Army. He is the dictator of the Hawhndrad Acur Wewhd which it is a secret base for the Hott Honig Räubers which he is the leader of this militia. He supports Malleo's rule of getting rid of every person who isn't a Weegee out of the United 'Gees Galaxy.  


  • Bother: If he says "Bother", the victim/object will become a Honey-related weapon (such as a Honey Rifle, a Honey Blade) or other honey-related stuff
  • Honey Laser Vision: He can shoot sticky, quicksand lasers/quick-freezing honey lasers/deadly plasmic honey lasers/explosive flak honey lasers/burning honey lasers/normal yellow deadly lasers from his eyes.
  • The Honey Whirlpool: He can summon a Honey Whirlpool to swallow enemies inside in order to suffocate them.
  • Pewh Bahwr Virus: Like Weegee's Weegee Virus ability, Pewh Bahwr can turn people into Pewh Bahwr Clones by staring at them.