Pinocchio's Christmas is a Disney Christmas television. It airs annually during the Christmas season on Disney Channel.


In the special, it's Pinocchio's first Christmas and he wants to buy his father a Christmas present. He tries to get a job to earn some? money, and a fox and cat duo trick him out of the money he has. In the end he meets Patty a Blue Fairy who helps him to see that Christmas is not about the gifts, but about being together with family. "Lilo & Stitch the Series" Angel 624 Enter.

Voice Cast

Seth Adkins - Pinocchio

Cliff Edwards - Jiminy Cricket

Mallerie Rigsby - Patty

Tony Pope - Geppetto

Tara Strong - Angel 624.

Jennifer Hudson - Gladys

Kevin Clash - Figaro

Kerri Green - Cleo

Rosalyn Landor - The Blue Fairy

Haley Joel Osment - Pietro

Rick Morganis - Gorodan

Robert Oliveri - Tr. James

Thomas F. Wilson - Honest John

Steve Whitemire - Gideon

David Gllagher - Lampwick

Josh Blorin - Shette

Jeff Cohen - Oscar

Eric Lloyd - Bert

Elan Garfias - Ernie

Nick Carson - Alexandor

Toby Kebbel - Telence

Jay Baruchel - Rodney

Tracy Morgan - Ender

Dave Statler - Mocal

Eddie Redmayne - Bormie

Chazz Pariminteri - Stolomboly

Kaite Finneran - Dolopus

Johnathan Harris - The Coachman

Christpher Lee - Police Gordon

Will Ryan - Indian Edward, Rouch Uncle, Piero Uncle

Nick Nolte - Captain Doc

Don Knotts - Monstro the Whale


From All of Us To All of You - Jiminy Cricket

Deck the Halls - Patty

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas - Pinocchio

Winter Wonderland - Patty and the Girls Puppet

Frosty the Snowman - Pete

White Christmas - Geppetto and Gladys

The Christmas Song - The Blue Fairy

Toyland - Pinocchio, Patty and Jiminy Cricket

Parade of the Wooden Soldiers - Pinocchio and the Boys Puppet

Jingle Bells - Pinocchio, Patty and Jiminy Cricket

Here Comes Santa Claus - Pinocchio, Patty and Jiminy Cricket

We Wish You a Merry Christmas - Pinocchio, Patty, Pete, Jiminy Cricket, Geppetto, Gladys, Gordan and The Blue Fairy

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