Pinocchio and his friends, a glow worm and a marionette, search for a magic music box. However, so is the evil Scalawag and the Emperor of the Night.


  • Pinocchio (Elan Garfias)
  • Mister Geppetto (Anthony Hopkins)
  • Jiminy Cricket (Phil Snyder)
  • Gee Willikers (Anthony LaPaglia)
  • Lt. Grumblebee (Patrick Stewart)
  • Twinkle (America Fererra) - Pinocchio's love interest
  • Good Fairy (Mia Farrow)
  • Scalawag (Jim Balushi)
  • Igor (John Lithgow)


  • The Emperor of the Night/Boatman/Doorman/Ringmaster (Jonathan Adams) - the main antagonist
  • Puppetino (Dwight Schultz) - the secondary antagonist


  • Love is the Light Inside Your Heart
  • Do What Makes you Happy
  • You're a Star

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