Pinocchio and Princess Aurora: Rescue Rangers is an animated series produced by Walt Disney Television Animation. Created by Tad Stones and Alan Zaslove, it featured the established Disney characters Pinocchio (From Pinocchio) and Princess Aurora (From Sleeping Beauty) in a new setting. The series premiered on the Disney Channel on March 4, 2013


Pinocchio and Princess Aurora are who start a detective agency, Rescue Rangers, along with their friends Jaq, Gus, Basil and Dr. David Q. Dawson. The pint-sized detectives deal with crimes that are often "too small" for the police to handle, usually with other animals as their clients. The gang frequently find themselves going up against two particular arch-villains: Mafia-style tabby cat Fat Cat and mad scientist Norton Nimnul.



Pinocchio is the leader of the Rescue Rangers. Loosely modeled after Inspector Gadget, Pinocchio wears a fedora and a bomber jacket and frequently uses rope to lasso or swing to other spots. Pinocchio is serious and has a strong sense of responsibility, to the point that he is sometimes accused of not knowing how to have fun. He can be domineering and often ends up in squabbles with Princess Aurora over his more laid back manner. At times, though, he also lets himself go and joins Princess Aurora in some frivolity. Voiced by Elan Garfias

Princess Aurora is the co-founder of the rescue rangers.  She is seen wearing a purple dress and pink headband. Though dedicated to the job, he is a fun-loving, mischievous prankster who is sometimes irresponsible and forgets to think before he acts. Voiced by Jennifer Hale

Jaq is an adventure Jasper (From One Hundred and One Dalmatians)  who spent years traveling the world before a chance meeting with Pinocchio and Princess Aurora during their first case. After Fat Cat destroyed his home, Jaq and his Gus decided to join the group in their detective work. Voiced by Rob Paulsen

Gus is an adventure Horace (From One Hundred and One Dalmatians)  who spent years traveling the world before a chance meeting with Pinocchio and Princess Aurora during their first case. After Fat Cat destroyed his home, Gus and his Jaq decided to join the group in their detective work. Voiced by Corey Burton

Basil With his Milo James Thatch (From Atlantis: The Lost Empire), Basil often handles little jobs that the rest of the Rescue Rangers cannot. He speaks in unintelligible buzzes that only Dr. David Q. Dawson and other insects are able to understand, although in later episodes, he talks more clearly. Despite his tiny size, Basil occasionally has impressive displays of strength which are matched only by his unwavering loyalty to his friends. Voiced by Maurice LaMarche

Dr. David Q. Dawson is an adventure Eddie Valiant (From Who Framed Roger Rabbit)  who spent years traveling the world before a chance meeting with Pinocchio and Princess Aurora during their first case. After Fat Cat destroyed his home, Jaq and his Gus decided to join the group in their detective work. Voiced by Jim Cummings


Fat Cat is a felonious grey tabby cat and one of the Rescue Rangers' most frequent antagonists. Formerly owned by criminal Aldrin Klordane, Fat Cat became an independent agent and animal world crime boss after Klordane's incarceration. Inordinately proud of his appearance, he keeps his whiskers clean, wears a purple business suit, and has a taste for expensive things. Voiced by Jim Cummings

Fat Cat is usually accompanied by four henchmen. In spite of their combined stupidity, Fat Cat almost always sends them out to do his dirty work for him, as he is too smart, or lazy to get his paws dirty.

  1. Weasel no.1 who dresses in a gangster-style suit and hat similar to his boss. Voiced by Jim Cummings.
  2. Weasel no.2 this overweight wears an undersized red t-shirt and a yellow hat. When plans go wrong, Weasel usually is the one who Fat Cat chooses to use as a punching bag. Voiced by Corey Burton.
  3. Weasel no.3 a Weasel that wears a short sleeved red turtle neck with a black vest and a dark blue hat that covers his eyes. He is usually only seen briefly. Voiced by Corey Burton.
  4. Weasel no.4 a thin, Weasel dressed in a ratty blue vest and toboggan who speaks with a whiny voice. Voiced by Peter Cullen.

Professor Norton Nimnul, the Rangers' other major enemy, is a mad scientist who once worked for Aldrin Klordane. Though Nimnul is an intelligent and creative scientist, his plans often lack any trace of logic and tend to be extremely convoluted. For example, he kidnapped all the cats in the city to make an immense amount of static electricity, and in his appearance in the pilot he constructed a laser cannon designed to create a giant gelatin mold which would be used to cause an earthquake under the United States Gold Reserve. Nimnul has receding red hair, wears very thick glasses, and a high-pitched laugh. Unlike other humans in the series, Nimnul is aware of the Rescue Rangers and their interference in his plans. Voiced by Jim Cummings

Opening theme

"Little Einsteins", performed by Jesse Schwartz, Natalia Wojcik, Aiden Pompey and Erica Huang

Music By

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Sounds Effects By

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Episodes list

Season 1 (2013)

# # Title Original airdate
1 1 "Piratsy Under the Seas" March 4, 2013
The Rangers discover a sunken pirate ship and a huge cargo of gold, along with a crew of rats who have forgotten about the life above the surface. 
2 2 "Catteries Not Included" March 5, 2013
A little girl is looking for her kitten, Spunky, and the Rescue Rangers are on the case. The trail leads to Nimnul's laboratory, where the professor is kidnapping cats and using them to generate lightning bolts by building up a charge of static electricity in their fur. 
3 3 "Princess Aurora Himself" March 12, 2013
A trio of shape-changing aliens from the planet Fleeblebrox are vacationing on Earth. When it's time to leave, one of them, Ditz, decides to remain behind by tricking Princess Aurora into switching places with him. 
4 4 "Flash the Wonder Dog" March 19, 2013
To bring down beloved television star Flash the Wonder Dog, Fat Cat and his henchmen dress up in his costume and perform random acts of badness. Soon, the town is buzzing with bad vibes for Flash and the studio is replacing the canine with his cockatoo sidekick. Meanwhile, Pinocchio gets a sobering meeting with his TV hero. 
5 5 "Out to Launch" March 26, 2013
The Rangers go to watch the launch of a space shuttle, but unfortunately Pinocchio and Princess Aurora get trapped in a spacesuit in orbit, forcing the other rangers to attempt a launch of their own. 
6 6 "Kiwi's Big Adventure" April 2, 2013
The Rangers lose the Ranger Plane to a tribe of kiwi birds. In their attempt to get it back, Pinocchio pretends to have broken his toe to receive affection from Basil. 
7 7 "Adventures in Squirrelsitting" April 9, 2013
While trying to recover the stolen Maltese Mouse from Fat Cat, the Rangers accidentally wreak havoc in the home of a squirrel with two daughters. While the mother repairs the damage, the Rangers take care of the girls. The eldest, Tammy, develops a crush on Pinocchio. She decides to prove herself to her hero by sneaking into Fat Cat's hideout and recovering the priceless statue herself. 
8 8 "Pound of the Baskervilles" April 16, 2013
MacDuff enlists the Rescue Rangers (with a little help from Sureluck Jones (A Parody of the Classic Fictional Slueth, Sherlock Holmes), a fictional slueth of which Pinocchio admires from a series of books he reads) to find the will that proves the old family mansion rightfully belongs to his master, Roger. 
9 9 "Risky Beesness" April 23, 2013
Irwina Allen uses her control of bees to steal a swarm and plot her takeover of the world of rock and roll. The queen bee appeals to Zipper and the other Rangers for help. 
10 10 "Three Men and a Booby" April 30, 2013
A mad egg collector attempts to collect the egg of a mother Booby Bird, and the rangers attempt to help reunite her with her baby. 
11 11 "The Carpetsnaggers" May 7, 2013

The homes of the wealthy are being robbed by flying carpets under the control of Professor Nimnul. 

12 12 "Bearing Up Baby" May 14, 2013
While on a camping trip, the Rangers find themselves watching over a little boy named Jeremy, who's also being watched over by Humphrey the Bear. 
13 13 "Parental Discretion Retired" May 21, 2013

Monty's father Cheddarhead Charlie comes to visit, and tries to help the Rangers stop Fat Cat's latest scheme.  

14 14 "The Attack of Dr. Mars" May 30, 2013

A female Martian says that the Earth will be destroyed unless a treasure chest, lost in South America, is returned to her. 

15 15 "Bungle in the Jungle" June 2, 2013

Pinocchio's team sets out to search for treasure in an uncharted jungle, with Fat Cat and his henchmen hot on their trail.

16 16 "The Money Vanishes" June 5, 2013

Fat Cat and his henchmen steal Bongo's handheld teleporter and use it to steal Hook's fortune.

17 17 "The Bug Stops Here" June 7, 2013

Princess Aurora is babysitting Pongo's nephew, Patch, and Koda. They and the rest of the gang are invited to Rescue Rangers's house so they could see his science project, which is an insect. But the gang accidentally lets the bug loose and soon agree that they will find a replacement bug for Pinocchio.

18 18 "Magic World" June 10, 2013
When Jaq and Gus is asked to perform a magic show, he discovers that his tricks are not as good as he thought, so he visits a magic shop, where Pinocchio and Princess Aurora and the Wolf from Beauty and the Beast duel with the equipment in the store. Eventually the magic wand breaks and causes adverse effects.
19 19 "Venus de Milo Gold" June 12, 2013
Fat Cat and his henchmen, the group finds it being destroyed every night by a rampaging giant dancing rhino monster, Semir the Destroyer, and rebuilt by Fat Cat and his henchmen the following day. As he investigates, Gus learns Nefir is responsible to profit off of rebuilding the city with the aid of magic dancing shoes, which gets worse when they come on to Gus feet as well, and it is up to Pinocchio to remove them.
20 20 "Superstar Princess Aurora Dancing" June 14, 2013
When Princess Aurora's awards, he enters a Dancing show, where he is up against Princess Aurora coincidentally. Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales He eventually Princess Aurora wins.
21 21 "Circus Show" June 16, 2013
The Chipmunks are putting on a charity circus to raise money for The Chipmunks, with Rabbit as the ringmaster!, Pinocchio as Lion and Tiger tamer, Princess Aurora and Prince Phillp as Flying Trapeze, Jaq and Gus as Clowns, Basil and Dr. David Q. Dawson as Magic. Fat Cat and his henchmen sneaks in and tries to swipe the proceeds.
22 22 "Paris" June 19, 2013
Rescue Rangers befriend a talking snail, Speedy, before the three of them are transported to France, where they are forced to save Speedy from a crazed chef, Chef Louis from The Little Mermaid.
23 23 "The British Invasion" June 21, 2013
Alice's three friends Ariel, Wendy and Jasmine arrive and assume Alice is in need of rescue. To their surprise they learn that Alice intended to stay with Rescue Rangers instead of return with them. Alice takes her friends on a picnic, Rescue Rangers not wanting to join in, but when Wolf from Beauty and the Beast ambush them, Rescue Rangers comes to their rescue.
24 24 "The Fat and the Furriest" June 28, 2013
Jaq and Gus is humiliated when he appears on the news running from a bear that nearly attacks him at the city dump. After Fat Cat and his henchmen scolds him, he swears to fight the bear himself.
25 25 "Jaq and Gus Badman" June 29, 2013
Pinocchio, Princess Aurora, Jaq and Gus attend a candy convention, where Jaq and Gus successfully steals a gummy Venus de Milo. Later, after Jaq and Gus takes the children's babysitter Ariel home, he notices that the gummy Venus has become stuck to her pants and grabs it, an action that Ariel misinterprets as a sexual advance. A mob of protesters soon appear at Rescue Rangers's house, claiming that Jaq and Gus sexually harassed Ariel. All of Jaq and Gus attempts to prove himself innocent go wrong, until he tells his side of the story on a Public-access television. Professor Owl sees Jaq and Gus speech and gives him a secretly recorded video tape that shows Jaq and Gus was innocent after all.
26 26 "Princess Aurora's Night Out" June 30, 2013
Jaq purchases a mini spy camera and manages to take a picture of Princess Aurora dancing with a ballet dancers named Prince Phillp at a co-worker's strip club party. He gives copies of the picture to his friends, and eventually the picture starts to circulate around until eventually Pinocchio sees it. She kicks Princess Aurora out of the house, but the next day explains that she is not upset about him dancing, but rather that Jaq saw it. She demands that he take Jaq and go apologize to Prince Phillp. Princess Aurora agrees and says that he is ready to start respecting Ballet.
27 27 "All's Fair in Oven War" July 1, 2013
Pinocchio resorts to sabotage as payback on the contestants who sabotaged her food entry for a cook-off. Meanwhile, Basil and Dr. David Q. Dawson finds his old issues of Playdude in the ceiling, which Jaq and Gus finds (after Princess Aurora cuts out all of the centerfolds and other nude photos) and uses as a guide on how to live the bachelor life.

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