• (We begin with all Pixar characters tired after the 102nd show except Woody.)
  • Woody: Nice work, everyone.
  • (Flashback of cruise ship)
  • (Cut back to Woody)
  • Woody: ATTA!
  • Atta: (enters) Yes?
  • Woody: Choose a cruise. We're going on a vacation!
  • Atta: Whatever you say, Woody.
  • (All Pixar characters enter)
  • Woody: We are going on a sea cruise.
  • Professor Z: To me, it's just making waste.
  • Sulley: REALLY?
  • Nemo: I better bring my dad.
  • Zurg: So, me and Davy Jones meet again.
  • (Cut to Woody and the Pixar characters on the boat.)
  • Woody: Perfect! OK, Mater, weigh anchor!
  • Mater: I looked in every room while we were cleaning and there were no seesaws.
  • (Cut to Holley Shiftwell)
  • Woody: (offscreen) Holley has all the love......................
  • (Cut to Rex mopping up)
  • Woody: (offscreen) Rex has all the slops..............................
  • (Cut to Mike Wazowski)
  • Woody: (offscreen) Mike has imagination.............
  • (Cut to Heimlich and Slinky Dog)
  • Woody: (offscreen) And Heimlich has PROBLEMS!
  • Heimlich: Help! I am losing my sea legs!
  • Slinky Dog: Do not worry, Heimlich! I will find them!
  • (Cut to Bo Peep and Hamm)
  • Bo Peep: (singing) Moonlight becomes me, it goes-OH, HAMM!
  • Hamm: Yes, Bo Peep!
  • Bo Peep: Please arrange for me to sit at the captain table.
  • Hamm: OK.
  • (Cut to Hamm with Guido, Mr. Spell, Mr. Waternoose, Chalooby, Uncle Topolino, Marlin, Dory, Mrs. Davis and Andy Davis.)
  • Uncle Topolino: Thanks, Hamm. Tennis time!
  • Mr. Waternoose: (rolls eyes)

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