Pixar Park is a theme park next to Disney World England. It is free to all guests of Disneyworld England, but can be paid for seperatley for half price.

Toy Story Mania

The Toy Story area, it is themed around the fairground Toy Story Mania game, but also has themes based around the movies.

  • A pizza planet food area.


  • Finding Nemo Aquarium
  • An octopus ride.

Paradise Falls

A land themed around the UP franchise.

  • A flight simulator based off arriving at Paradise Falls in UP.
  • A indoor flying coaster based around the stormy scene in UP from a first person point of view.

A Bug's Life Area

  • A ant Juniour Flyers ride.



  • Sewer Scramble - A mine train coaster which travels through the sewers/rivers in Ratatouille. There is a splashdown at the end.

A Incredibles Area

  • A flume dark ride which interacts with Frozone's ice from the incredibles.

Radiator Springs

  • A steeple chase coaster.


The Wall-E themed area.

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