Playhouse Disney LIVE was a 2002 fanon live stage show held in Waterbury's Palace Theatere. It stars the Wiggles and other Disney characters from Playhouse Disney. Blue Wiggle Anthony's brother, Paul Field, was the show's host.

Act 1-Prolouge (The Wiggles)

Paul-Feast your eyes with this. Four men wearing very colorful red, purple, blue, and yellow shirts with dinosaur, pirate, dog, and octopus friends, it's The Wiggles!

Song #1-Playhouse Disney


Wiggles-We're the Wiggles.

Greg-I'm Greg.

Murray-I'm Murray.

Jeff-I'm Jeff.

Anthony-And I'm Anthony.

Greg-Did you like this song? Well, besides us, of course, we will have other characters from playhouse disney in this show;Bear in the Big Blue House, The Book of Pooh, Rolie Polie Olie, Out of the Box, PB&J Otter, and of course, Stanley.

Anthony-Also, at the end, we will do a very big finale featuring a medley of - what, oh no! Jeff's falling asleep.

Greg-I see that, Anthnoy. Let's wake him up. When I count to three, let's say Wake up Jeff, okay. 1, 2 3.....

Wiggles-...WAKE UP JEFF!

Anthony-Sorry about that, We will do a big finale featuring amedley of all our playhouse disney shows. We'll be back later with other songs for you guys.Bye.

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