pooh: welcome to my clubhouse everyone from the island of sodor

ding dong

pooh: look its my new friend

frozen: hi pooh

pooh: who is this

pooh: yep its frozen hi frozen

frozen: hi I'm a polar bear I need to find owl

lets go to the bearatool

frozen: what's a "bearatool"?

bear he bear oh bear hi bear ready bear zip here we go you a new bear bear e bear bear tail bear e bear o bear tail oh honey its time to get ready show use the bear help do it hon ey bearadoodle

bearatools beartools

we have a tree, a treehouse a ladder and the mayer bear tool

look its honey hi honey honey is going to bring the bear tools

now we got hour the moot from susan lamb bear tools let get this show on the row

owl: hello pooh and frozen

pooh: hello owl

lumpy: oh tree oh tree

pooh; hi lumpy

lumpy; hi pooh I need a tree

we need a honey every body say oh honey oh honey

we have a tree, a treehouse a ladder and the mayer bear tool

witch one can we try

lumpy: can they use a tree

pooh: yes you love shacking trees

we got ears say cears

yay my tree

piglet: oh h-h-h-h hi I'm piglet

frozen: and I'm frozen the polar bear, and you can just let it go...

piglet: I can;t climb a tree we need a bear oh honey oh honey

a treehouse a ladder and the mayer bear tool

witch one can we try the ladder and the treehouse

pooh: yes we need a ladder to climb and a treehouse on the tree we got ears say chears

owl: well think you you put it in the Winnie the pooh club house

kanga: oh my look its fr fr whats your name

frozen: who's fr fr? and whats your name

kanga: my names kanga and this is roo

we need a bear tool say oh honey oh honey all is left is the mayer bear tool

everyone say mayer bear tool mayer bear tool

today mayer bear tool a slide we pick hour bear tool say super honey chears

{pooh frozen owl and piglet when down the slide}

lets do the hot dog dance

hotdoig hotdog hotdiddy dooog hoooootdooog

first we need a tree then we had a tree house then we youse a ladder and last we slide down the slide

hotdog hotdog hotdiidy dog its a great place for Winnie the pooh

that's me and the Winnie the pooh clubhouse

see you relly soon

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