Praddly c jones

Praddly C. Jones

Praddly C. Jones is a racer who comes from Japan, Garm's dumb minion and the quaternary antagonist/anti villain of Cars 3.

Praddly C. Jones
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
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Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Alan Tudyk
International Voice
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Praddly C. Jones
Other names Praddly C. Jones
Personality friendly to Garme's allies, cruel to Garme's enemies, funny, sarcastic, half-evil, loyal to Garm (sometimes), vicious, arrogant towoards his enemies
Occupation Racer
Affiliations Neutral
Goal To win the Final Grand Prix and let Garm be second place
Home Japan (formerly), Cartropolis
Love Interests
Allies Garm, McQueen (formerly)
Minions his pit crew, Garm'e's pit crew
Enemies McQueen, Mater
Likes wining, friends, McQueen (formerly)
Dislikes McQueen, Mater
Powers and abilities
Weapons Shotgun
Fate slips on a banana peal and crashes into a tree. he is seen at the end when the two ambulances drag him to hospital.


He is seen right at the beginning of the film befriending McQueen, and is shown as Garm's minion and friend. Later, when Garm tells him to not let McQueen win, he listens to him although saying Sorry McQueen". However, later he becomes jealous when sees McQueen almost wining and as soon as he talks to Garm before the final track, Garm tells him that winning can give him famous prizes. Since then Praddly becomes ruthless as in the final track he chases after McQueen with an RPG gun. But as soon as he tries to shoot McQueen a rocket/bullet, McQueen sees a banana and jumps over it, making Praddly see his jump and slip on the banana and crash into a tree. He is seen at the end of the race when two ambulances drag him to hospital, while he cries about the fact he wanted to win.