Prince Oliver dark skin

Prince Oliver

These are quotes and lines said by Ariel's illegitimate son Oliver, from Disney's The Little Mermaid III: The Legend of Oliver.


The Little Mermaid III: The Legend of Oliver

  • "You set foot in Majorca at your own risk."
  • "One thing about is true since I was there."
  • "It’s a terrible place. Desolate." 
  • "It had been nine years knowing I didn’t belong in Majorca."
  • "They convinced me that the man who dictated was doing good deeds for the island, but in horrible visions, I began to recognize the true nature of that monster. An imposter of the real person, who was actually a nice man."
  • "I thought I was supposed to be someplace else, like the palace where lived a prince, who married a mermaid who became human ten years before I was born."
  • "No matter how hard I tried to convince myself otherwise, I find it hard to forgive myself for not knowing there was a real him in the first place."
  • "The concert!? Eek! Oh, no! Ariah's going to hang me!"
  • "I- I didn’t know. I really didn't."
  • "I guess I was too eager." 
  • "So what’s so important about all this having to do with me even being here?" 
  • "Is this true?"
  • "Don’t question my fluency in other languages, Landis."
  • "You’re wrong!"
  • "You can’t possibly go into another country on foot to attack if it’s so far away!."
  • "Do you understand these people have feelings like we do? Do you!?"
  • "Argh! All right, that does it! I’m not listening to any of your lies anymore!"
  • "What on this earth is wrong with him? He doesn't understand. He doesn't trust God's way of life when it comes to knowing what I am."
  • "Whatever you do, don't tell your father I saved a Dane, or he'll kill both of us."
  • "Just go home. I saved you. I'll possibly meet you later."

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