Princess Amber II: Husk's Adventure (also titled Princess Amber 2: Husk's Adventure) is a 2017 direct-to-DVD film that is the sequel to Princess Amber. It focuses on Husk, who is also the narrator. It also features the deleted jungle book character Buldeo as the main antagonist.


Taking place one year after the events of the first film, Husk frees a cocker spaniel named Luna from the wagon of the ferocious hunter and black market dealer Buldeo. Husk and Luna travel to the woods of Enchancia and attempt to escape Buldeo.


  • Husk: The main protagonist of the film. He frees Luna from the hunter Buldeo, and ends up getting chased by Buldeo for revenge. He is voiced by Drew Nelson and his barking affects were provided by Frank Welker.
  • Luna: The deuteragonist of the film. She is a cocker spaniel who was caught by Buldeo and was freed by Husk, who she became the love intrest for. Her barking affects are provided by Frank Welker.
  • Princess Amber: The tritagonist of the film. She and Ronno go out on a quest to look for Husk. She is voiced by Tara Strong.
  • Ronno: The tetaragonist of the film. He goes to look for not only Husk, but Buldeo as well. He is voiced by Joey Bragg.
  • Buldeo: The main antagonist of the film. He hunts Husk and Luna in the film so he can sell them in a black market.
  • The Deer: The secondary, later true main antagonist of the film. He tries to kill Husk and Luna several times, and nearly kills them in the climax after Buldeo's defeat.


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