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Princess Amelia
Background information
Feature films The Lost kingdom of Tromania
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Katniss Everdeen, The Black Widow, Princess Merida
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality fiery; pugnacious, determined, but a times clumsy
Appearance tall, slender, beautiful, dark brown wavy hair, green eyes, dark brown eyebrows, full red lips,
Occupation waitress(former), Princess
Affiliations The kingdom of Tromania
Home Ramonia
Relatives Margeret- mother

James- father (deceased) King Magnus- father-in-law Prince Ontario- husband

Love Interests
Pets Buttercup-pet dog
Allies Keyanna

Mariah Kelly

Powers and abilities
Quote "Friends never quit on each other, they stick by them through thick and thin



Amelia was born in the city of Tromania, a prosperous kingdom. Her father had passed away several years ago and she lived with her mother in their cottage in the lower ranks of Ramonia. Her mother owned a restaurant name "Margeret's choices" which was known as one of the best restaurants in the city. One day Amelia's mother Margaret was given a letter inviing them to serve food in the upcoming ball to celebrate the prince's birthday. when they both received the news the two became ecstatic. Amelia's tune changed when she realized she had nothing to wear. Margeret showed her her old wedding dress that she had hidden in her closet from the day she got married. Amelia loved the dress but thought it could use some touches. Amelia then three good witches appear and completely update her dress (stating that they didn't want to mess up like they did with Aurora). When Margeret is wating for her daughter, Amelia comes down the stares in a completely new dress and her mother said that she looked just like she did when she got married. Once they arrived at the ball, the two are seen serving food to the ball-goers, and they soon meet the king and his son. Amelia and the prince are seen staring into each others eyes and they both fell in love at first sight. Amelia then falls over. The prince picks her up and the two danced the night away.


Amelia is a very beautiful tall statuesque woman reaching almost 5"10. Amelia has tan colored skin, due to her hispanic
New amelia

Princess Amelia

heritage and  is known for her distintive green eyes that "sparkle like meralds" according to her friend Keyonnah. She has long wavy dark brown hair that reaches her lower back with a set of dark brown eyebrows to match. Amelia also has full red lips. Amelia wears a pastel light spice colored gown. The bodice of the gown is a medium shade rust while the sleeves are a dark red. The panniers that frame the gown are dark red and the rest of the gown is a pastel apricot. Amelia also wears light tan colored evening gloves.


Unlike most Disney princesses, Amelia is very fiery and determined. She doesn't use her title as a princess to not help people. Before she became a princess, she was known to have worked in a restaurant with her mother and had served food to all the peasants and secretly gave food to the poor.


As stated by creator and Designer I. Norman, Amelia is said to be inspired by Katniss everdeen from the Hunger Games as they both are determined and put others before themselves and they share a slight resemblance. However Amelia has a much more playful side than Katniss.