Dollianne Kittie Crabgrass
Background information
Feature films
Television programs KunoichiShow!
Video games DisneyXD Go Kart Drift, Kittie's Pinball Party, Kittie's Pinball Party 2
Books KunoichiStories!
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Tiffany Ikhile (ChardonnayBloo)
Voice Lilianna Mumy (Speaking), Fergie (Singing),
International Voice Megumi Han (Japanese)
Performance model
Inspiration Terra Markov (DC Comics), Dumb Blonde stereotypes, Inuyasha (InuYasha), Lum Invader (Urusei Yatsura), Ibuki (Street Fighter)
Honors and awards #7 greatest Disney XD heroine
Character information
Full name Princess Dollianne Kittrinna Musicana Crabgrass
Other names Kittie


Kitty Cat


Female Inuyasha (off show)

Personality Dimwitted, Adventurous, fun-loving, confident, beautiful, brave, understanding, Excentric, overconfident, daring, optimistic, courageous, bashful
Appearance Pink eyes (hidden), Ghost white Hair, freckles, fair skin, four fingers on both hands
Age 14
Birthday December 3rd 1998
Occupation Princess Of Ninchantiss

The 24 1/2th head of The Kunomi Tribe

Certified Assassin (secretly)

Alignment good
Affiliations The Kunomi Tribe
Goal To protect Ninchantiss from evil, to find her parents
Home Ninchantiss
Relatives Currently Unknown Parents (disappeared)

Empress Staci Crabgrass (aunt)

Queen Gemmiline (24th great grandmother)

King Jackson Crabgrass (cousin)

Lotti (palace pet)

The Royal Kunomi Council (Godmothers)

Sugar Rivera (parental Godsister)

General Jaime Rivera (Godfather)

Love Interests Rocky Childs, Captain Panikk Jr. (formerly)
Pets Lotti (cat),
Allies Stanny McGregor, Savannah Saotome, Babi Driscoll,Rocky Childs, The People of Ninchantiss, , Junior Disney Princesses, Disney Princesses, Choney Chavez, Takaharu Commando (book series only)
Minions Lotti
Enemies The Temptress/Donna Travolta, Dairess, Prince Kenny, Captain Panikk, Pirate Prince Captain Panikk Jr., Desirae Monteque, Kikyo Assuko (book series only)
Likes Going on adventures, Astronomy (secretly), Buddy Comedy Movies, yarn, Sunflowers (favorite flower)
Dislikes Curses, Roses (allergic), water squirts, ninja training
Powers and abilities Magic Birthmark, Diamond and Crystal manipulation, Diamond Mimicry
Weapons various Ninja weapons
Fate TBA
Quote "Oh Crab It!" Official Catchphrase

"Always be happy, Always be proud, with no space of doubt allowed." Refreshing Mantra


Princess Dollianne Kittrinna "Dollie" Musicana Crabgrass is the main protagonist of KunoichiShow! and the 14th official member of The Junior Disney Princesses. Dollie is officially known as Disney's first Southern Princess. She is voiced by Liliana Mumy who previously played Panini from Chowder. She currently voices Beth Tezuka from Bravest Warriors and Leni Loud from The Loud House.

Disney Princess

Dollie only appeared in one Senior Disney Princess Merchandise but she is a Junior official member.

BeFunky Official-Disney-Princess-Merida-disney-princess-34123367-1179-624.jpg
Dollie appears in the Disney Princess Enchanted Sticker book.

Running Gags and Funny Facts

  • Dollie was also named after the scrapped third film for the Disney film, Fantasia.
  • Dollianne's birthday is December 3, 1998 making her astro sign a Sagittarius.
  • Dollie's favorite food is Pot Roast
  • Dollie has four fingers on both hands.
  • Dollie is revealed to be an impulse buyer.
  • Dollianne's #1 favorite song is "Buy U A Drank" by TPain ft. Young Joc.
  • Dollie can actually spell her name, but her signature is just her paw print.
  • Since Dollie isn't much of an academic genius, She is actually a very successful spell caster.
  • Dollie is deathly allergic to rose petals.
  • Dollie has a problem with Ninj-X "breaking" into her room almost every night.
  • Apparently, Dollie has the attention span of rotting meat.
  • Dispite being raised by royalty, Dollie actually enjoys doing laundry without any complaints.

Love Interest(s)

Rocky Childs

In the book series, Dollie and Rocky show heavy animosity towards each other and often quarrel. As time progressed, she gradually gets comfortable around Rocky. Apparently, they both have many things in common.

Fighting Style

Dollie may have the intelligence of a cheese sandwich but the fighting skills of a vicious assassin. Dollie's fighting style is best described as " a dangerous darling". It's possible that Dollie can actually kill her opponents.


Philematophobia- Dollianne suffers from Philematophobia which is a fear of kissing. If a boy tries to kiss her, it causes extreme uneasiness, anxiety, and fear, which paralyzes Dollianne or makes her cry. Even though princesses dream of getting their true love's kiss, Dollianne doesnt want hers. Sometimes her friends try to help her embrace said fear but she always refuses. The fear was first developed when she was 3, her story begins...

"One night I got out of bed to get a saucer of milk. On my way to the royal kitchen, I saw Aunt Staci watching a romantic movie. I wanted to see what was going on then BAM! That romantic moment was so scary I ran back to bed and cried til morning. And from then on, I couldnt bare the sight of it, and it took me years to recover."



Despite all her training, Dollie never actually had an education relating to academics (Math, reading, history etc.). She seems to have an IQ of a "cheese sandwich".

Concept Art


  • She is Disney's first Southern Princess.
  • On May, 2, 2018, Amekku44 (ChardonnayBloo), has announced that Dollianne will be retiring her nickname " Kittie" under the new name "Dollie" in favor of the KunoichiStories! 2018 rebranding on
  • Dollianne's name is a homonym to the word Dalliance which means "the act of flirting", strangely Dollianne has never flirted with any guy in her life.
  • Dollianne speaks in a thick Southern Accent.
  • Dollie is also the first unofficial Disney Princess to have a palace pet Lotti.
  • Dollie's eye color is reddish brown.
  • It has been revealed that Dollie's full name is Dollianne. Given by her parents. Which contains the names of Country singer Dolly Parton and the 90's sitcom, Roseanne.
  • Dollianne is known as the only character in the KunoichiShow! franchise to have a Rumic World counterpart of the opposite gender, in this case Sesshomaru from Inuyasha.
  • Dollie is currently the only disney heroine overall to have a known allergy, which is Rose Petals.
  • Dollie is also currently the only disney heroine overall to have a known cousin, King Jack Crabgrass.
  • Dollie marks as the first Disney Princess to possess super human strength.

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